4,400 km with my Jimny: 7 changes I would make if given a free-hand

The Jimny is a wonderful SUV already, but so much more is possible!

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The Jimny: my thoughts on making a good car, into a great one!

After 4,400 km on my Jimny AT Alpha across 3 months, I must say that I still take every excuse to take it out for a spin. It makes me smile. A lot. And I’ve never enjoyed any car as much as my Jimny!

After reading the complaints people have mentioned on this thread, and I personally do agree with some of them, I feel that most of them are not really major, and on driving the car, would not honestly matter much in terms of the overall package the Jimny offers. It is a good, good car!

But if I were somehow put in charge of the Jimny by Maruti, and were given a free hand to imagine all the changes that would make this good car great, this is what I would do:

That’s it. Seven ideas from my side that could make the Jimny stand out further from the crowd, gallop ahead on the x factor, and become truly great! She’s a wonderful car already, but so much more is possible!

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