360-deg camera setup on my VW Virtus: Feedback after 6 months of usage

It works with the stock infotainment system and I am satisfied with the overall experience.

BHPian msri3here recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here are the pros and cons based on my experience.


  • Helps a lot when parking in tight spaces, like the parking space I have in my apartment. Mine is low in width and I prefer parking in ready-to-go mode.
  • Camera views/angles can be controlled by Steering-mounted control buttons.
  • Good daytime visibility and manageable night time visibility too.
  • Plug and play. No wires cut or external wires hanging around. I got it installed by VW guys before delivery itself and they promised no impact to the warranty.
  • Has the option to record front camera view, although I haven’t tried it. So, can double as a dash cam, but the recording might not cover the angles we would want to because of low camera placement.


  • Doesn’t utilise the full 10″ screen real estate. I think views would be much better if it had.
  • Need to either engage reverse gear or indicators or remote control to start the display. Minor inconvenience.
  • Settings within the app are not intuitive. Looks like a true translation from Chinese. I couldn’t make a head or tail of it.
  • One needs to get used to the distance of objects from the vehicle. I had a couple of incidents where I thought there was enough space but objects were too close. Saved by a whisker. Possibly to do with proper calibration, but not sure.

Overall, I am satisfied with the experience. Of course, there are some Android-based 360 camera setups, but they would require infotainment unit replacement.

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