2023 Tata Safari: 5 pros & 4 cons after a 700 km road trip

Tankful to tankful mileage comes to 12.1 km/L in the city which matches what the MID says.

BHPian spaceunicorn recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally had a long drive of around 700 km during the last weekend. We took a trip to Guruvayoor (Thrissur, Kerala) from Trivandrum. The Diesel was filled until the auto cut off kicked in. The ODO was at 350 and it took 41.44 liters to fill the tank.

The entire journey was split into three legs. Trivandrum to Kollam, Kollam to Kochi and Kochi to Guruvayoor. The entire stretch of NH is under construction, and you hardly get to see real highways. The initial stretch till Kollam was driven at around 70 – 80 kmph and the mileage was shown as 15.8 in dash. The second stretch was quite hectic with traffic and road construction. Here the mileage was 11.8. The third stretch was like narrow roads and potholes, with construction of NH going on. Here the average mileage was 11.7.

We came back via MC road, where the average mileage came up to 12.8 (its average mileage and not the mileage for that stretch of trip). The drive was quite comfortable, acknowledged by both my wife (Front passenger seat) and Mother, middle left side. Kids too were happy as MC road normally make the elder one a bit claustrophobic, but this was not felt in Safari. Throughout the journey the speed never crossed 85kmph and never put any hard acceleration. FtF showed a mileage of 12.1 kmpl. This almost matched dashboard mileage as well.


  • Very comfortable drive.
  • Music system was extremely good.
  • Good average mileage of around 12.8 (within Kerala, where you dont have any 2 or 3 lane highways and with moderate to heavy traffic mostly).
  • Good road presence. May be because this was the first Safari facelift in Kerala on road.
  • Good sound insulation. Twice I missed ambulance behind me – sound was insulated properly and the music system was quite good – both seems to be the reason.


  • Software glitches – The Music stops for wireless car play(already shared above), The dashboard map navigation fails to detect phone connected to car etc. Had to reset the system three – four times. But nothing alarming.
  • The TPMS is completely wrong – seems it needs to be calibrated. TPMS shows 44 while I checked at a local Tyre shop and ensured 34 for all four Tyres.
  • The Windshield water sprayer is not working as expected -the water spray is focused to the bottom of windshield, and it doesn’t even reach the middle. Need to get it corrected during service (already due for the first service at 1000 – 2000 km)
  • Citi Mode sometimes feels quite laggy – sports mode is better and peppier. Not sure about the impact on mileage, i haven’t used it extensively.

iRA app update: The iRA app seems to be connected when i turn on the car. It gets disconnected after a few minutes after i turn off the car. I believe it uses my mobile connection to connect and update status while i turn on the car. The purpose of the remote app is not that, I believe. Looks like it may take some time to get that ready.

Gave a good wash to the Lion after the trip:

After wash:

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