2023 Kia Seltos GTX+ comes home: First impressions driving in city

My only other experience driving on Indian roads has been my 10-year-old i10 and a Thar.

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I finally got my GTX+ turbo petrol delivered yesterday and drove for about 20 km in the city. My first impression/observations:

  • Cabin feels premium, although black interiors make it appear small, the sunroof compensates for it. I wish Kia provided the option of brown interiors of HTX+ in GTX+ too.
  • Ventilated seats work, and can evaluate better after a long drive. I am one of those who would end up with a sweaty back within half an hour of driving, sitting on leatherette seats. I really wish these seats would be a boon for me.
  • NVH levels are good, very good at slow speeds, a little noticeable at higher speeds but still okay.
  • Bose speakers are just above average, even after trying multiple ways to tune the sound output, it didn’t wow me or my wife.
  • Tyre pressures are 38-40 psi, I wanted to reduce to 35 but decided to try with those for a while. Small bumps were not very noticeable, however, larger humps required slowing down.

The stiffness is definitely present but at lower tyre pressures, I guess, it will be manageable.

NOTE: My only other experience driving on Indian roads has been my 10-year-old i10 and a Thar.

I’ll add more when I go for a longer drive and at higher speeds. One thing is for sure, this car feels so comfortable overall, that it really spoils you. At this price point, it’s tough to find a worthy competitor in terms of features. And here’s a pic

Here’s what BHPian Ad1tya had to say on the matter:

The white is gorgeous. I wish the White came in for me before the Red, but I am happy with the Red too.

Reduce the pressure to 32. My car came with 44psi and I reduced it while refuelling right after the pickup, but the road noise and stiffness didn’t improve. The only option is to change to different tyres, I changed them to Continental UC6 which is the only decent option in the stock size. The entire car’s ride characteristics changed with them.

Here’s what BHPian ssoni.1411 had to say on the matter:

Congratulations!! The white looks gorgeous. If I didn’t have a white car already, would have definitely gone with the white.

Eagerly waiting to hear about your ownership experience!

Here’s what BHPian Sufficient_shop had to say on the matter:

Wow! White looks classy. I’ve chosen the same model in Silver. Now confused between Silver and White.

  • What was the final on-road price?
  • Did you go with dealer insurance?
  • Which dealer did you go with?
  • How was the delivery experience overall?

Here’s what BHPian jazzy replied on the matter:

I would have gone with red if my previous car wasn’t red.

GTX+ costs only 60k more than HTX+, so it makes little sense to buy HTX+ in my opinion

I got my own insurance and had to convince the dealer (Epitome Kia, Whitefield, as it’s close to where I stay). Overall delivery experience was good, without any hiccups. Final on-road price, 24.3 including accessories, I opted for a handful of accessories including a dashcam. Also planning to buy the Kia Convenience Plus package which is an additional 45k approx.

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