2010 Mahindra Scorpio: 14 things that went wrong during my ownership

I still miss that seating position and that ground clearance in my current Innova Crysta, of course there are other obvious benefits.

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I had bought a 2010 model Scorpio 2.2L SLE in 2013. The previous owner disclosed that the front left suspension was changed under warranty within the first year of ownership.

My usage was not the typical 10K kms per year. The odo had ~88K in 2022 when I sold it after driving it for 8+ years. Below are some (or perhaps, most) of what I remember during my period with it:

1. Power window console replaced

2. Frequently burning fog lamps and head lamps changed some 8-10 times (ASC always said its normal)

3. Cabin light switch replaced

4. Broken front A/C vent replaced

5. Steering rack replaced

6. Brake discs replaced (ASC said no scope for skimming)

7. Clutch master & slave cylinders replaced

8. Fuel gauge pump replaced

9. Roof mounted stop lamp replaced

10.Coolant hose pipes replaced a couple of times

11. Windshield sprayer and pump replaced

12. Alternator overhauled a couple of times

13. Rear wheel bearings replaced

14. Tried convincing the ASC to replace the gearbox & engine mounts for straight 5 years, but they wouldn’t listen. Their response always was that the vibration that kept progressing was a “normal thing” on an OLD Mahindra Diesel. Why they were unable to detect the cause for those vibrations and fix them, still baffles me.

15. May be a few others that I might not be able to recollect now.

I don’t mean to rant, but everytime any of the above occurred, I kept questioning myself: “Did I do a mistake of opting for an Indian car? That too, a pre-owned?!”

Was I disappointed? Yes!

Was I scared? Yes! Particularly, when I had a dead clutch while I was at 90kmph on a highway with my family.

Did I still enjoy my drive? Hell yeah! A LADDER-ON-FRAME RWD SUV unlike a few other crossovers I test drove before investing on this, was the best thing that happened to me. After driving a Santro for close to 3 years, a talking Scorpio (I mean the voice commands ) was like an upgrade that was generations ahead to me!

That loud honk (of course, I never used it insensibly), that plush suspension, that body-roll (which my family never felt like it was something to complain about), those sofa like upholstered seats, unlimited leg space in the second row, a flexible 3rd row which was mostly occupied by our German Shepherd (his only complain was the absence of AC vents there), the thirsty 120BHP engine, the grunt from that excellent low and mid range torque, the wonderful road presence, the ready-made right of way it demanded, all these, were a boon for me.

I loved every KM that I drove it. It has taken me places and every trip in it has etched memories in our heart.

I still miss that seating position and that ground clearance in my current Innova Crysta, of course there are other obvious benefits.

That said, would I invest again on a Mahindra? May be, not.

Would I still want to own another Scorpio again in the future? Perhaps, a yes here!

All those failures that occurred at various stages, all those spares I had to replace – disappointed me and I felt sad that I had to do many many unscheduled garage visits. But that did not stop me from loving that beast of a machine!

PS: The car was always serviced on schedule, all at ASCs.

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