2 years with my BMW X3 30i: 2nd service & a windshield replacement

The entire job was invoiced to a total of ₹1.78L out of which we had to pay ₹3k and the rest was taken care of by insurance. A seamless claim process in all.

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Blue Bolt turns 2 years old, 2nd service completed and a natural calamity breaks the windshield

The 2nd service was due in Sept 2023, anyways since the first service was delayed by Infinity Lalbaug I vowed to never go back to them. Fixed up the service with Infinity Turbhe on 23rd Aug, but the car had not displayed the “Schedule your service” message yet so the engine oil change couldn’t take place.

Got to meet Sushil Sir (aka @Maverick5490), a gem-of-a-person, at Infinity Turbhe. Who showed me around the workshop including the service bays of the other super luxury brands present in the sprawling facility. Really appreciate it, Sir!

Since the oil change couldn’t be carried out before the prescribed time, as the car is under the BSI+ pack just got the wheel balancing alignment and a few other niggles sorted like the loose panel below the steering column and a plastic part belonging to the driver’s seat that was slyly kept in the driver door’s pocket during the first service done at Lalbaug and came back.

The car completed 2 years with us on 30th August 2023 

The “Schedule your service” message was displayed on the instrument cluster as well as under “Service requirements” in “Vehicle Status” on 4th Sept :

Took the car again to the service centre on 5th Sept to get the Oil Change Service done. Sushil Sir left his busy work schedule and again came to meet me for a small amount of time while I was there.

Another first was giving the car to my chauffeur and experiencing the back seat for a considerable amount of time. It’s more than comfortable but that itch to shift to the driver’s seat in a BMW came back soon enough and I was back on the driver’s seat  :

The car being washed before I take it back home:

Gifted the car the Perfume Starter Kit.

There are two Perfume Starter Kits now, the one I got is the new one since the old one has been discontinued but is still available at some dealerships and service centres:

On 7th September, life is going on as it goes, took the car out for some shopping that I had to do before leaving:

Life isn’t as rosy as it seems, and disaster struck on 8th Sept. But life teaches you a lesson as well that sometimes sh*t happens.

It was a wonderful rainy day on 8th Sept, with a yellow alert in Mumbai. I was leaving for my new job the next day and had gone to visit my grandparents before leaving, with the car since the Creta and Fortuner were both not at home.

It was just drizzling when I started back for home but as I reached closer to home the rain started pelting harder with the wind speed picking up as well.

I took a right turn towards the road that leads towards home, was at just 3-5 kmph having just completed the right turn and bang a branch glass from a tree above and smashes the windshield and that was that.

I didn’t know what to do at the moment since the BEST bus stop right ahead of me had people absolutely stare in horror at what just happened. I didn’t get down and take a picture of the damage or the branch that caused the damage and quickly came home which was less than a kilometre away (a mistake on my part).

Came home quickly told my parents what had happened, called the Manager who had serviced my car at Infinity Turbhe just a few days back and he connected me to the Insurance person at their service centre and got started the insurance procedure.

Once my mom arrived home, we went back to the site and took a few pictures of the branch that was still lying there and the surroundings.

Infinity Turbhe’s flatbed couldn’t be arranged the same day as it was already 3PM when the insurance process started and we stay in Powai. The next day the flatbed was late since it was attending to a Lamborghini, but it came nonetheless. And the car was flat-bedded to the service centre.

We have ICICI Lombard’s insurance and they sorted everything at the earliest. The invoice was generated on 11th Sept with the surveyor doing his due-diligence of what all will be covered by the Insurance and the car was back with us on 16th Sept.

Parts changed and used:

  • Windshield (Part No: 51317399023)
  • Bump Stop x10 (Part No: 51317288462)
  • Cleaner R1 for the windshield (Part No: 83192211217)
  • Wind cover (Part No: 51317399014)
  • Sound Insulation x2 (Part No: 51489493821)
  • Rain Sensor (Part No: 61355A70A02)
  • Set of wipers (Part No: 61617469821) (The wipers were changed a few days back at the time of servicing but since they had glass stuck on them there was no other option)
  • Roundel (Badge) since it had a few scratches (Part No: 51147463684)
  • Grommet x2 for the roundel (Part No: 51141807495)
  • Removed dents on the bonnet and painted the same.

The entire job was invoiced to a total of ₹1.78L out of which we had to pay ₹3k and the rest was taken care of by ICICI Lombard. A seamless claim process in all.

The branch circled in white that fell vertically on the windshield causing a piece of wood to be still stuck in the broken windshield as can be seen in the below attached pictures.

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