2 years & 40000km with my Kia Carnival: Service & ownership experience

I am currently in the slope of enlightenment phase, feeling quite satisfied with the car.

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Time for the 40K and two years ownership update.

Will cover the update in two parts. The first part will be about the 40K service experience and in the second part will update about the car in general.

Part 1: The 40k service.

The dealer’s customer service team worked overtime harassing me to bring the car for service. When I did, found my booking was not recorded in the ledger and so ended up being treated like a drop-in with no prior booking.

Apart from regular service, additional request from my side were: 1) DON’T touch the wheel alignment/ balancing (I am entitled to free wheel balancing/ alignment once a year) 2) DON’T wash the car (I do the job 10 times better + the cramped washing area doesn’t give me the confidence that the car will come out of it without getting hit + I want to keep unknowns from driving my car to a minimum). But, inspite of repeated reminders, they ended up washing the car.

A Whatsapp group was created for the service, but absolutely no updates were provided, until i asked for it a couple of times. In the end and as if to taunt me, just one update picture was shared – the car hoisted on the lift!

Just a month back I got my 12 year old Etios serviced at the Toyota dealership – incidentally just opposite the Kia dealership. They arguably handle more volume and were attending to a 12 year old discontinued, cheapest model launched by them. But it was a totally satisfying, no fuss experience. In this case, dropped the car (their most expensive model at launch) for service, was promised delivery by 6pm, no updates were provided till 5.30pm, after which it was informed the car could be delivered only the next day. Next day, there were again no updates. From the advisor to the CRM head, all were unresponsive. Finally spoke to the GM service, who got the balls rolling and had the car ready by 2pm.

Given my perception of the way the dealership is managed, the folks who work there and the cramped spaces, I am always apprehensive of leaving the car for service. Unfortunately, this time my fears came true. The car was delivered with the front bumper lip unhinged from the main bumper frame. Such are my expectation levels from the dealership, I was almost relieved it was nothing major. But, credit where its due, they immediately agreed to repair it – no questions asked.

Finally ending with a happy note. The 40k service cost me just Rs 827/-, and even that was for a new number plate frame and urea top up. The service costs are covered under 5 year service pack which I got at a hugely discounted rate at the time of buying the car.

Some pictures from the service experience:

First up, the hit job by the dealer:

At the dealer, the cars go up a very narrow ramp and make successive extremely narrow hairpin turns to reach the service area which is at the third floor of the building. They have a specialist driver to take the Carnivals up there:

Look at all the cars. The washing area is not visible, but on the left side of where the cars are parked at the end. Very cramped and a disaster of a planning effort:

The sole update (in the form of a picture) I received on the Whatsapp group. It’s so sad, it makes me laugh:

Dealership owner’s Porsche Taycan. Didn’t like the car’s looks – looked too bulbous from the front and front side:

Part 2: My Ownership Experience.

My ownership is aptly depicted by the below chart. I am currently in the slope of enlightenment phase, feeling quite satisfied with the car. Finally, can start to visualise a long (10+ years) ownership period with it.

Premature tyre wear was a leading marker of my ‘trough of disillusionment’ phase. It hampered my ownership experience almost since I purchased the car. The ‘issue’ itself is quite widespread. I spotted premature tyre wear in all the Carnivals stationed at the dealership this time. But of course mine was an exception, and all thanks to Team-Bhp and in particular these two gents @ss-traveller and @zeng. More details available in this thread.

The present condition of the LHS rear tyre. The new tyre (put at ~30k) had worn somewhat by 34k, but since then premature wear has been arrested.

There were 3 Carnivals at the dealers. Each had worn off rear tyres. An example below:

If I discount the above issue, otherwise in the 40k kms of running and 2 years of ownership I have not faced any mechanical troubles or heard unwanted noises or seen unwanted lights. It drives tight and like new.

Before I end the update on the car, and I have mentioned this before but will repeat again, I am still surprised how fuel efficient the car has turned out for me. Believe it or not, it’s the most efficient car we have right now. The relatively high figures are a result of it being mostly highway driven + driven at steady speeds between 90kmph and 110kmph + engine braking. Even so, an overall fuel consumption figure approaching 13 kmpl for a 2 ton/200 bhp car is worth applauding, I think:

In other news, have added a couple of accessories for the car:

A folding solar panel + rechargeable battery. This enables me to play TV in the car for kids when parked without using the car battery. I land up in such situations often, so this was much needed:

Got a car window net – again very useful when the car is parked and you want the windows rolled down, but need some sort of a screen:

One final picture, and that’s it. Hopefully will post the next update at @50k. Cheers:

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