1st anniversary of our 1st car: Our Nexon ownership after 12,546 km

The overall fuel efficiency of my SUV is 15 km/l (MID), never did a tank-to-tank method.

BHPian LegenDARY recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Our Royal Blue Nexon has been taking us places and we are happy & satisfied with our purchase. The car even got the third service recently. The odometer currently stands at 12546 kms. Overall mileage is 15 km/l (MID), never did a tank-to-tank method. But going by the thumb rule it may be 13 km/l in actuality. This is based on 60 % city use & rest of the highway.

Frankly, the car has more of the good stuff to offer than the bad ones. Still, I would list them out.


  • No option to set a default driving mode on each start. I had to select it (to Sports) every single time on my way to the office & back.
  • However, in Sports mode the turbo kicks in hard. Which is great for solo drives, but not so for family trips. Hence, I have stopped using the Sports mode in the City. It’s reserved only for the highway runs.
  • The TPMS started to flash suddenly straight out of nowhere (just for a few seconds). It has happened thrice over a year only on highways. I did not feel any air before this happened. I suspect it tries to reset itself based on ambient conditions.
  • Very recently, during shutdown I heard a faint whistle from under the bonnet. I suspect it to be the belt. But the SA says itโ€™s with all Petrol Nexon โ€“ to which I asked for proof and guess what he had a brand new Nexon which was ready for delivery the next day & it occurred in it too (although a bit fainter than mine). Still, he assured me that all belts are running fine & that they will be changed as per schedule. I donโ€™t know if thatโ€™s just mine or if others have also faced the same problem.

My dad owns a 2017 Ecosport with an Ecoboost engine that has clocked 44,000 kms to date. And no such sound has ever come from that carโ€™s engine. Fingers crossed.


I would say that this product ticks most of the boxes that we look for in this category and price range. And given its safety rating, it only gets better. And now they have 6 airbags on top of that! I agree the service experience may not be in the same league as some foreign brands, but I can see them improving. Hope they also bring this one aspect with the best in the market, as they did with their products.


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