1,600 km with a TVS Ronin: Overall experience & service costs

The overall mileage is around 40 km/L.

BHPian achintatri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Second free service for my TVS Ronin

T-Rex (as I call her) – has been a worthy companion since last 1600+ kms

  • The pull at any gear will always bring smile to your face
  • Gear changes, very light clutch, confidence inspiring brakes and well sorted suspension setup will add value to all your rides
  • 40+ FE for a bike more than 200cc is worth mentioning (I never take her above 90 kmph)
  • No major complaints as of today (Minor being that the engine stopped just like that once or twice while the bike was in motion and then started only after removing and inserting the keys but the issue remained ‘non reproducible’)
  • The instrument cluster has been spot ON

I had the following requirements of motorcycling and it has been living well for them till now, thought of sharing with recommendations:

If you are into speed racing, this is NOT the bike for you (it doesn’t mean that it has maneuverability issues it’s just that due to it’s sheer weight, you can hit people around you if you use it as a racing bike) so I would not recommend it to anyone who motorcycles around just to be ahead of everyone

Go for it if you can handle 180kgs of weight and like to ride like someone who loves to move like a butterfly and sting like a Bee (yeah Mohd. Ali reference) – You would love how suddenly you can overtake other riders around you when you have space to do so since the motorcycle is ever ready to provide you the required torque and power

  • If you love FE and power (or should I say torque) at the same time
  • If you have a bad back and good suspension is your priority
  • If you need confidence inspiring braking and handling (I am talking about the ABS here)
  • If you are more of a city user and only occasional highway cruiser (I don’t consider it as a highway bike may be just because of the seat as my back hurts after 50 or so kms)
  • If you are looking for a WELL BUILT product

Servicing has been adequate (Oil Change, Chain lubrication, battery terminal cleaning and that’s it) from TVS till now with around 1200 INR invoice at each for (so called FREE) service. I think every automobile manufacturer out there should stop calling them as FREE services and should rather term them as ‘Discounted Maintenance’.

Also, I saw more Ronins this time as compared to when I went for the first service last time

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