15 months with my Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI AT: Pros & cons observed so far

Even though it’s a longer car, much more easier to drive in city due to the lighter steering.

BHPian punto_ recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hey all, I wanted to share my honest thoughts regarding my experience with my Slavia 1.0 Style AT which I purchased 15 months ago.

Before Slavia I had owned Punto D for 10 years and Abarth for 15 months. I loved the Abarth and wanted to keep her forever. However, driving it in city most of the time, made me want to switch to an automatic. ESP after my company expected WFO only, it made it more difficult to drive in city in chaotic traffic. My left leg started asking for mercy.

Slavia released just in time and it was a love at first sight and though I wanted to go for the 1.5 DSG, I settled for the 1 ltr mainly due to the additional cost and also longer wait time back then for the 1.5 DSG.

Pulled the plug and booked it and it was delivered in 5 days. I have clocked 19600+ kms in it so far.

First the positives:

  • Blissfully quick shifting automatic
  • Builds up speed quickly, esp fun to drive in city.
  • Even though it’s a longer car, much more easier to drive in city due to the lighter steering.
  • Good ground clearance makes it easier to drive in bad roads
  • Holds the line fine if we don’t push the car (Punto D does way better than Slavia in this department)
  • Straight line stability is great
  • Great front seats, even after 800+ kms drives in a day, never felt uncomfortable
  • Wireless CarPlay, Ventilated seats are a bliss
  • Knew the car is well built esp related to safety and a 5* rating is just a good reassurance!

Coming to the negatives:

  • AC – damn it’s bad, unless I keep it under 22 there’s no real cooling. In summers, I use Low setting
  • While ventilated seats are good, they are very noisy
  • Noisy 1 ltr engine!
  • Coming from Punto and Abarth I miss the steering feedback and cornering ability
  • Back seat though spacious, can’t seat 3 esp due to the seat shape.
  • Noisy window rolling motor and turn indicators!

Worse part of this car:

RATTLES. Within 3 months of owning it, the car started rattling. I have sent it to service center 4 times just to get this resolved and it came back even worse than before everytime. For a car that costs close to 20L it’s not forgivable at all. I absolutely hate it and esp if the car is parked under sun for an hour, it feels like a cheap metal box with coins!
I almost feel like selling the car for this reason alone!

I can’t imagine how this can be this worse! My 10 year old Punto D didn’t rattle this bad!

I just don’t understand if it’s just my car or all of them are this worse! Any suggestions to fix this issue are welcome.

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