1,000 km with a Kawasaki Ninja 300: 1st service update

The service cost has come to Rs. 7,000.

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First Service Update:

Dropped Akira for the first service with ODO reading 945KM at Kawasaki Cochin on 12-Aug at 9:30 AM. I called the Kawasaki Cochin one day before and booked the service slot. The service center and showroom are within the same building. At the front is the showroom. The service center is at the back. I was told to wait a few hours so that I didn’t need to go home(which is 25 km away) and come back. Residing in Cochin is a blessing that we have almost all premium dealerships here within a few kilometers radius. From Hero to Ducati. From Maruti to Porsche. We have almost all brands here. Just for perspective, there are only 2 Kawasaki dealerships in Kerala. One is in Cochin and the other one is in Kozhikode. So guys from faraway districts have to look for closer dealerships. In some cases, the nearest dealership can be in the neighboring state also. It is the same case with most of the states too.

When visited Kawasaki Cochin. Ugly cable work ruins the look of most of the beautiful constructions all over. We have world-class brands here. But world-class infrastructure? Not yet.

Let me move to the service experience. The service guy asked me about any complaints. I told him about the slight vibes(I don’t even call it vibration, it’s just a small buzz) on 4 to 4.5K RPM. He said, it is normal and they won’t do anything apart from fluid changes and regular checkups in the 1st service. I didn’t insist on checking the issue(knowing nothing they would do. The intention was already clear. Also this is not a big issue. The TR bike also had the same kind of buzziness. Any Ninja 300 owner here pls let me know otherwise). Opted out from washing the bike as they will have to move the bike to a third party for water service. I was waiting in the lobby inside the showroom.

There was a Z900 which was kept ready for delivery. Some time I spent looking and walking around the bulky beast. Whenever I look at an inline four I always imagine the eargasmic sound it makes. The service was completed around 1 PM. The service cost has come to 7K INR. Detailed invoice below.

I knew it would come in the range of 7K to 8K. Just giving a reference for future buyers.

Post-service I took her to almost near Thrichur. Just to unlock the sleeping beast. Got a lot of chances to open the throttle wide open. But I waited patiently to hit the 1K Km mark. And achieved it.

1st milestone with Akira

Once I crossed the 1K mark. I started to explore more towards the north of the tacho. All of the top RPMs are absolutely fantastic and stress-free. 9K, 11K, 13K you take any rev range, the Ninja 300 is absolutely fantastic, exciting and the same time most importantly refined and stress-free. The twin cylinders doing their job flawlessly. The exhaust sound changes after 8K RPM. Same time the beast sleeping inside will also wake up and show its true color. All the character of the bike suddenly changes. It has transformed into a different animal. It gave me the adrenaline rush and a wide smile on my face. In the 3rd gear, it will destroy all the 350s out there. In 4th she will kill most of the so-called 250s and 300s out there. And In 5th gear, she will say goodbye to most of the fast cars. And you are left with one more gear. But that is strictly for cruising because 5th can take you to serious speeds even before you know it. In 3rd gear, you can potter around in the city. Twist the throttle and let her pass the 8K RPM and the same gear will take you to 126Kmph comfortably. And keep her all day there. She doesn’t complain. What a machine!

Some small things that I observed post-service:

  • After the oil change the engine runs more smoother now
  • Earlier small vibration felt at 4 – 4.5K RPM is now only around 4K RPM. I wouldn’t call it vibration. It’s just a small buzz.

Apart from these, I haven’t felt any difference. All perfect.

Random pic. Akira in the greenery. A little spiced up.

As for detailing and paint protection, I did PFF on the tank and ceramic coating on the rest of the body from Ceramic PRO Cochin. I will come up with a detailed post.

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