10 years with my Ford Fiesta: 10 parts replaced during ownership

The highway fuel efficiency figures, even after 10 years are between 19-21 km/l.

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2013 Global Ford Fiesta Titanium Ownership Review

This is a detailed ownership Review of our 2013 Global Ford Fiesta Titanium.

Having completed 10+ Years of glorious and cherished ownership of our beloved 2013 global Ford Fiesta in January this year, I thought now would be the right time to discuss our ownership of this fabulous Car. This Car was way ahead of its time in 2013 with Bluetooth Connectivity on the ICE, Voice-activation for ICE and climate control which is what impressed my daughter who joined us for the Test Drive arranged by Cauvery Ford, Footwell Lamps for the Front Passengers, ORVMโ€™s Auto Fold/Unfold upon Door Lock/Unlock etc. This is a fairly long post.


Regular Maintenance involving Engine Oil Change, Oil/Air Filter, and Cabin Filter cleaning/Replacement religiously followed and implemented every 10,000 km. / 1 Year per Ford specifications. All PMS were carried out initially at Cauvery Ford, Magadi Road, from where our Purchase was made, thereafter Metro Ford, Yeshwanthpur (before it became KIA, Yeshwanthpur), and finally now PPS, Yelahanka. The Service Bills have usually been in the range of `5,500 to `9,000 aside a few instances where a change of major parts was required which is when the Bill may have gone up to 20,000. An instance was the very last PMS carried out where, per Ford specifications, the Timing Chain/Belt had to be replaced at about 1,00,000 km. (I am unable to recollect the exact nomenclature of the part. It is mentioned in the Invoice Bill). The in-city mileage is about 13-15 km/l in Bengaluru. The highway figures, even after 10 years are between 19-21 km/l with 5 passengers & a full complement of luggage in the Boot when doing speeds between 90-120 km/h. All the Mileage Figures are as per Tankfull to Tankfull method with full-time A/c.

Parts Replaced:

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