You Can Get A New Tesla Model 3 For As Little As $35,090 Without Incentives

Tesla has cut the price of its inventory once again, and this time around prospective customers can get a brand-new Model 3 for a smidge over $35,000 without factoring in any tax credit or incentive, which is a pretty good deal.

According to Tesla’s website, the cheapest Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive in the company’s inventory costs $35,090 and is a brand-new vehicle painted in Midnight Silver Metallic Paint. It also comes with 18-inch Aero wheels, an all-black partial premium interior, Autopilot, and a 30-day trial for the automaker’s Premium Connectivity feature.

The second cheapest Model 3 is $35,140 and has 731 miles on the odometer (it was a demo vehicle). In total, at the time of publication, there were 12 sub-$36,000 Model 3s in Tesla’s inventory and 38 vehicles under $37,000.

Tesla Model 3 inventory price cuts (December 7, 2023)

By contrast, a brand-new, built-to-order Model 3 starts at $38,990, so getting one that’s over $3,000 cheaper sounds nice. Besides the price drop for inventory EVs, Tesla is also offering six months of free Supercharging for people who take delivery of a Model 3 or Model Y by the end of the year. Plus, customers who get a Model 3 by December 31 are eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit which is due to change next year.

Furthermore, some states offer additional incentives for buying a new EV, which can lower the final cost even further. For instance, Colorado offers an additional $5,000 tax credit, meaning that the cheapest Model 3 in Tesla’s inventory can have a final cost of $22,590 after the owner takes advantage of the tax credits.

The price cuts are also valid for the other drivetrain versions of the Model 3. An inventory Long Range Dual Motor sedan starts at $42,740 on Tesla’s website, while the Performance trim starts at $45,890 if one chooses to buy a ready-made one. Custom-built, a Model 3 Long Range goes for $45,990 and a Performance starts at $50,990, so there’s a consistent price drop for these more expensive models, too.

The Austin-based EV maker previously slashed the selling price of its inventory models last month, but now it has gone even lower. In November, the cheapest ready-made Model 3 had a $36,260 price tag.

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