Watch Ford F-150 Lightning Dominate The Trail Tesla Cybertruck Struggled On

In recent quarterly results, Tesla announced it will deliver the first customer examples of the Cybertruck on November 30. Will the electric truck be as capable off-road as Tesla promised? A recent video shot during pre-production tests gave us some hints, and now, we have more context to add in the form of a virtual comparison with the Ford F-150 Lightning. 

The electric version of Americaโ€™s favorite truck was recently taken for evaluation at the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area. This is the same location where the Cybertruck was filmed struggling with one particular section of the park, namely โ€œthe stairsโ€ where it had some difficulties going up a steep hill. Ford CEO Jim Farley shared a video of the Lightning taking on the very same off-road section. How convenient.

The footage shows the F-150 climbing the hill slowly but steadily with some minor wheel spin at the beginning. It’s a tricky climb for sure, but it clears the trail without incident whereas the Cybertruck had some issues with maneuverability despite its rear steering. Both trucks ultimately make it to the top, but which rig inspires more confidence in this situation? That’s a question we will leave to the readers.

Weโ€™ve seen the Blue Ovalโ€™s electric truck in off-road action before and we know it’s a pretty capable machine. In May 2022 Ford held an event in Texas where the truck showed impressive moves for climbing, rock crawling, and off-roading in general. We also know the electric F-150 has the chops to tow, capable of pulling a 10,000-pound trailer. Of course, such mass at the back certainly takes a bite out of the Lightning’s range, which is approximately 300 to 350 miles depending on the size of the battery.

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