Tesla Model Y Gets Beadlock Off-Road Wheels From Unplugged Performance

Tesla aftermarket specialist Unplugged Performance has released a new beadlock off-road wheel engineered specifically for the Model Y.

If you don’t think the Model Y is the right car for this type of wheel, Unplugged Performance begs to differ. The company claims the new 18-inch UP-03 Beadlock Off-Road Spec Forged Wheels for the Model Y “represent a paradigm shift in the world of EV all-terrain driving, combining unrivaled performance with versatility that extends beyond the trail.”

The wheels’ party piece is their uniquely engineered design that allows for two different tire mounting methods. For full beadlock capability, the tire’s bead is mounted on the outside of the wheel’s rim and is locked in place using titanium hardware to secure the beadlock ring to the wheel. This allows for low tire pressure applications in off-road settings.

For DOT-compliant highway and daily driving use, the tire allows for traditional mounting of the bead inside the wheel’s rim, with or without the beadlock ring in place. Therefore, Unplugged Performance claims the wheel can deliver the best of both worlds for off-road and overlanding enthusiasts.

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“We’re proud to unveil our UP-03 Beadlock wheels. They are a testament to the design and functionality that defines Unplugged Performance. These wheels represent our full support of uncompromised off-roading and overlanding car culture. With the much-anticipated Cybertruck on the horizon, these wheels are a taste of what’s to come,” said Unplugged Performance CEO, Ben Schaffer.

Among the key advantages of the new beadlock off-road wheels, Unplugged Performance lists the enhanced off-road capability, which allows for the tire pressure to be reduced to as low as 5 psi to increase the size of the tire’s contact patch. This is said to result in maximum traction in challenging off-road situations.

Another positive aspect is strength, as the UP-03 Beadlock wheels are crafted from high-strength forged aluminum for maximum lightweight durability. In addition, as with the standard UP-03 wheel, the UP-03 Beadlock wheel retains the I-beam spoke design for added strength and the barrel knurling to reduce tire slip.

Thanks to these attributes, UP claims the wheels “can withstand the most challenging off-road adventures while maintaining on-road comfort and range.” Last but not least, the fact that the wheel is designed and engineered to be a direct fit for the Model Y allows the use of Tesla factory lug nuts, center caps, and TPMS sensors. 

The new UP-03 Beadlock wheel is priced at $1,123.75 on Unplugged Performance’s online shop, which means that a full set will set buyers back $4,495.

Source: Unplugged Performance

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