Tesla Launches Model 3 and Model Y Color Wraps For $7,500-$8,000

Tesla has launched sales of premium color wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y in its online shop and smartphone app, giving owners the option to change the color of their vehicle without going for a full repaint.

Tesla says the wraps are made from a self-healing urethane-based film that protects the paint beneath from chips, scratches, and swirling. It sounds like the EV maker is offering colored paint protection film, which is a thicker and more expensive material than the typical vinyl wrap.

The seven available colors are Satin Ceramic White, Slip Grey, Satin Stealth Black, Satin Rose Gold, Glacier Blue, Forest Green, and Crimson Red. The first three cost $7,500 each, the last four $8,000 each.

Mind you, the seven color wraps offered by Tesla for the Model 3 and Model Y do not come cheap: they are priced between $7,500 and $8,000. The purchase price includes the cost of materials and installation at Tesla Service Centers – not at the factory as you might have expected.

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Color Wraps Launch On Tesla’s Online Shop

For now, there are only two participating locations, both in Southern California: West Covina and Carlsbad. Tesla also says installation “may take five to seven business days from the time that you drop off your vehicle.” No loaner vehicle will be provided during that time period.

In addition to the color wraps, the company also offers a clear wrap for $5,000 for each vehicle, Electrek points out. Available in a gloss or satin finish, the clear wrap protects the car’s factory paint color from chips and scratches while letting it shine through. The clear wrap doesn’t cover the door jambs, but the color wrap does.

It’s worth noting that the premium color wraps are only available for 2023 or newer Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Customers also need to have version 4.23.0 or newer of Tesla app to purchase one of the seven available wraps via their smartphone.

With the Tesla Cybertruck spotted donning various wraps during testing in recent months, the EV maker might offer color wraps as optional extras for its upcoming pickup truck as well, especially since painting the vehicle’s stainless steel body is not possible.

We’d like to know what you think of the new color wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y, so check out the gallery above to get a good look at all seven of them before offering your verdict in the comments section.

Source: Tesla Shop via Electrek

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