Tesla Installs First V4 Superchargers In The US

The long-awaited V4 Tesla Supercharging dispensers are finally arriving in North America after the initial batch was deployed in several European countries.

According to Tesla Motors Club forum, Tesla is installing its first eight V4 stalls at a site in Wilsonville, Oregon. The station is expected to enter service this month.

Another set of V4 Supercharging dispensers was spotted at a site in Sparks, Nevada. A photo shared by C Anagani (@anaganicp / X) indicates four stalls ready for installation. Also, in this case, the launch of the site might be within days, the report says.

We can’t say for sure, but there is a high probability that there are more V4 Tesla Supercharging installations underway in the United States.

Tesla might be willing to start with a few sites, before accelerating and deploying more and more V4 every month, similar to what’s been done in Europe.

The new V4 type of dispensers are significantly different than the V1-V3 units. Besides the obvious black and white colors (which replace red and white), the V4 stalls are much taller, with a cable attached at the top. This allows for a longer cable to reach the charging inlets of non-Tesla electric vehicles (charging inlets are located in various positions).

We don’t know yet whether the V4 will come with the Magic Dock built-in CCS1 adapters, but anyway, the EV industry in North America is preparing for a switch from the CCS1 charging connector to Tesla-developed NACS, hence the longer cable and non-Tesla charging is an important topic.

Equally important is the expected increase in voltage and power of the new stalls (not necessarily right from the start) to support 800-1,000-volt battery systems and provide a power output beyond the current 250 kilowatts (potentially up to one megawatt).

A closer look at the site will be necessary to see whether a contactless bank card reader and a small display also will be used at V4s in North America because in Europe it appears to be the new standard for Tesla V4 stalls.


Sources: Tesla Motors Club forum, Drive Tesla Canada

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