Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Charging At 50,000th Supercharger In California

A Tesla Cybertruck release candidate (RC) unit made a surprise visit at the company’s 50,000th Supercharger stall yesterday evening, providing some metallic eye candy to the several brand enthusiasts who went to the California location to check out the red stall.

Images and videos of the Cybertruck visiting the Ultra Red-colored Supercharger were posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum by several members, which we embedded below for you to see.

This particular pickup truck was wearing the same “release candidate” stickers that we’ve seen before, but it also had a Texas dealer license plate, as opposed to the other prototypes that were spotted with manufacturer plates in the past.

As for the special Supercharger, it was revealed last Friday by Tesla on its official X account without mentioning the location. However, keen enthusiasts quickly discovered that the 50,000th stall was installed at the company’s Supercharger station in Roseville, California on 1851 Freedom Way, prompting some owners to take a trip and check it out, which is how the Cybertruck was spotted.

Apart from the special red paint that’s part of the Model X and Model S options list, as well as a plaque that reads “No. 50,000,” the stall is no different from all the other NACS-equipped stalls in North America that are capable of delivering up to 250 kilowatts.

Regarding the upcoming Cybertruck, the unofficial number of reservations has reached the 2 million mark recently, according to a crowdsourced tracker that also shows the majority of prospective customers will opt for the dual-motor and tri-motor variants when the truck goes on sale sometime later this year.

Unveiled in November 2019, Tesla’s first-ever pickup truck has become one of the most popular vehicles in the world even if it’s not yet available to buy, thanks in no small part to its unconventional styling and internet-famous reveal event that saw two of its supposedly “Armor Glass” side windows shattered by a metal ball.

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Sources: Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club, @MermanThommy (X), @mermanthommy (Instagram)

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