Showroom Tesla Cybertrucks Seem To Have Much Better Build Quality

If you’re a Tesla fan, chances are your social media feed has been flooded over the past few days with photos and videos of Cybertrucks displayed at various brand showrooms across the country.

Putting Cybertrucks in showrooms is obviously great as it allows people to get closer to Tesla’s electric pickup and get a sense of how it looks in real life, especially after four long years during which the Cybertruck has been so elusive.

Looking at some of the photos and videos of the Cybertruck shared online from showrooms, it appears that many of them share a common feature: the electric trucks feature reasonably good fit and finish.

While that should not be even a topic of discussion, don’t forget this is Tesla we’re talking about: uneven panel gaps are something people associate with the brand—especially when a new model is launched.

This is all the more true for the Cybertruck as the so-called “release candidate” prototypes spotted in recent months seemed to have shoddy build quality.

But as Tesla has moved from RC prototypes to production vehicles, a big progress in build quality can be noticed, and it’s probably a big relief for reservation holders.

If you haven’t visited a Tesla showroom yet to see the Cybertruck in the metal, these videos courtesy of Out of Spec Reviews, The Autopian, and Joel Franco, among many others, point out the surprisingly good build quality of the electric pickup.

As Kyle Conner and David Tracy mention in their videos, the production-ready Cybertruck is not perfect, but the fit and finish looks good as far as the exterior is concerned—even in areas where aligning the body panels correctly more difficult to pull off.

According to Kyle, the gaps on the Cybertruck aren’t looking too bad, and the finish of the stainless-steel body panels looks a little shinier in real life than he expected.

He also points out the rather unusual location of the charging port, which is integrated into the driver’s side rear wheel arch. Kyle is surprised by this seeing as the area around the rear wheel might see a lot of damage. Furthermore, it will require owners to park really close to the charging stalls to make sure the cable reaches the port.

If you want to check the Cybertruck out in person, you should know there are now 15 Tesla showrooms that have it on display, with more to follow, according to this Cybertruck Locator page.

Check out the videos for yourself and let us know what you make of the Tesla Cybertruck’s fit and finish. Would you be satisfied taking delivery of a truck featuring similar build quality?

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