Hundreds Of New Tesla Model 3 Highlands Spotted In China

Hundreds of the all-new Tesla Model 3 Highland electric cars were recently spotted in a large parking lot in Shanghai, used by Tesla to gather cars ahead of export.

As we can see in the flyover video, shared by Wu Wa, the new Highland cars are stored separately from the other ones in one big square. The cars have various colors – although it seems that white is the most popular one, some are black, blue, and red. We are not sure whether silver is present as well.

Wu Wa noted that the new cars are equipped with EU logos and thus it’s believed that those are cars envisioned for export to Europe. Europe might become the first market where Tesla will begin customer deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 Highland or it will be on schedule with China (because we need to add a few weeks for shipping). In China, deliveries are expected to begin in the fourth quarter.

Additional input from Troy Teslikeย suggests that the new Tesla Model 3 shipments to Europe will probably appear in sales stats no earlier than in Q4. Export from the Tesla Giga Shanghai was already affected in August by the launch of the new version, but it might improve as soon as in September.

According to unofficial reports, mentioned by Wu Wa, Tesla is currently producing approximately 300 new Model 3 per day, which is just a fraction of the site’s full capacity.

The Tesla Giga Shanghai plant recently produced its two millionth electric car. Most of the production right now happens to be the Model Y, but the upgraded Model 3 still should play a very significant role (potentially at least a third of the production there).

At some point in the future, the Model Y also is expected to be refreshed (code name Juniper), matching the changes applied to the Model 3. But the first task is to ramp up production of the Highland in China and start production of the Highland in the United States.

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