China's Latest Electric Super Sedan Looks Outlandish And Has 1,287 HP

Another day, another new electric vehicle from China. This time around we have a rather special model as it promises a sprint to 60 mph in just over two seconds. Weโ€™ll get to other numbers in a minute but first, say hello to the new HiPhi A. 

For the uninitiated, HiPhi is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer focused on developing and producing luxury and performance cars. The new HiPhi A is based on the Z and no, we aren’t talking about the Nissan Z. The company unveiled a chunky electric liftback sedan with 600 horsepower back in March, and well, things have escalated since then. The automaker promises we wonโ€™t be dealing only with renderings, either โ€“ an actual car will be displayed at the upcoming 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show starting Friday. The first customer deliveries are scheduled for early 2025.

Gallery: 2025 HiPhi A

Whereas the Z has a dual-motor electric powertrain, the A is powered by three electric motors. You’ll find one on the front axle and two at the back, one for each rear wheel. This is an in-house developed system, which has a peak output of 1,287 hp. The electric energy comes from a battery pack with an as-yet undisclosed capacity that should be capable of discharging up to 1,500 kilowatts at its peak. The powertrain is based on an 800-volt electric architecture โ€“ also an in-house development for the company โ€“ promising to maintain its peak output for more than 30 minutes. As a result, the top speed of the EV is listed at 186 miles per hour.

An air suspension system shared with the HiPhi Z is standard, but the A model upgrades that with a rear-steering setup, adaptive dampers, and a new torque-vectoring system. The company also says the electric performance vehicle has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. HiPhi partnered with Apollo Automobil, the company behind the Intensa Emozione and G2J electric supercars, to bring this new model to life

HiPhi promises to unveil more details in the coming months. We are eager to see whether the new A will be sold in markets outside China as the company already has showrooms in Germany and Norway. Don’t get your hopes up for a US launch, though.

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