Are You A Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Holder? Get In Touch With Us

As we get closer to the start of initial Tesla Cybertruck customer deliveries scheduled for November 30, the rumor mill is going crazy, especially when it comes to pricing, specifications, and range.

It’s hard to believe anything you see on the internet these days, above all from anonymous “sources” who claim Tesla told them โ€“ and no one else โ€“ how much the Cybertruck is going to cost or how far it will go on a single battery charge.

Since everyone who’s checking this site regularly wants to hear more about how the delivery process is going and what trims, powertrains, and prices are communicated to reservation holders as they move forward with the purchase, we need your help to be able to post accurate information on this website.

So if you’re a Cybertruck reservation holder and have any genuine information from Tesla regarding specifications, trim levels, powertrains, range estimates, pricing, options, and so on, we want to know it too so that we can pass it on to our community of EV enthusiasts.

If you have this sort of information, please hit us up at [email protected] and share what you know with your fellow Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders and aficionados.

The Cybertruck is clearly among the most hyped vehicles in history, and probably the most hyped vehicle before its launch. It’s only natural to hear ridiculous things about it, oftentimes from Tesla itself, let alone from outsiders. Enough has been said about the electric pickup’s touted abilities to “briefly serve as a boat” or “pull near infinite mass.”

We also heard that the Cybertruck’s exterior shell is “nearly impenetrable,” with Elon Musk calling it bulletproof on several occasions despite the lack of any armoring treatment. He recently noted that it could get an optional coating made of tungsten carbide that would basically make the body “scratch-proof to everything below diamond hardness.”

All this stuff sounds like science fiction right now seeing as we don’t even know basic details about the Cybertruck’s powertrains, trim levels, output, and range, not to mention pricing.

So if any of you Cybertruck reservation holders โ€“ there are over 1 million out there according to Elon Musk’s remarks on the Q3 2023 earnings call โ€“ are willing to talk details pertaining to your preorder, we guarantee full anonymity should you desire it. Bring it on!
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