2024 Tesla Model 3 Walkaround Video Shows What's New Inside And Out

By now, you probably know pretty much all there is to know about the facelifted Tesla Model 3 that debuted in late August in Europe, the Middle East, and other global markets – not yet in North America, though.

The so-called Project Highland brings a series of enhancements when it comes to design, aerodynamics, efficiency, range, comfort, features, and more. It’s actually surprising how much the Model 3 has changed both inside and out, and this walkaround video courtesy of Mr. Automotive does a great job of highlighting what’s new on Tesla’s compact executive sedan.

The full tour of the 2024 Model 3, seen here in Long Range trim, starts with the exterior, and while you’re already familiar with the design changes that focus mainly on the front and rear ends and their redesigned lights, we have to say that this particular vehicle looks very well put together.

There are no visible panel gaps or misalignments anywhere, and the quality of the new Stealth Gray paint looks spot on. Another thing worth mentioning is the very smooth transition between the panoramic glass roof and the windshield and rear window.

Gallery: New Tesla Model 3

Moving on to the interior, the first impression is that more light makes its way into the cabin thanks to the new panoramic glass roof, even though this impression is partly due to this particular vehicle’s white interior.

Owners of the outgoing Model 3 will notice the redesigned dashboard, steering wheel, center display, and seats, as well as the new ambient lighting LED strips on the dash and door panels that can be adjusted from the touchscreen in pretty much any color to suit the occupants’ mood.

The new Tesla Model 3 also has lots of storage space inside the redesigned center tunnel and two wireless charging spots for smartphones. The video takes a look at the 8-inch rear passenger screen as well, which is another new addition. The screen can be used to adjust the climate control system, rear seat heating, and even to stream movies and media.

All in all, the 2024 Model 3 looks like a solid effort from Tesla, and there’s a lot more beyond what we can see. For example, all the windows now feature acoustic glass to make the cabin quieter; previously, only the windshield and front passenger windows had it.

In addition, the new Model 3 features revised front suspension geometry to improve driving dynamics and comfort, and a strengthened side impact structure for added safety. As for numbers, the highlights are the 390 miles (629 kilometers) of WLTP range of the Long Range trim, the 4.4 seconds it needs to go from zero to 62 mph, and the 125 mph top speed.

Source: Mr. Automotive / YouTube

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