Yoka Go Motorhome Saves Room For Bikes With Low Floor, Large Liftgate

The Dethleffs Yoka Go is a camper van designed for the adventurer. It features a flexible interior design and ample storage space to hold bikes, wetsuits, and other outdoor gear without compromising the living arrangements. It offers plenty of space and the camping necessities.

The customizable interior features airline rails throughout, providing optional mounting points to secure additional equipment. Customers can opt for two additional seats, which can serve as a small seating area with the front driver and passenger seat swiveled around. Lashing-eye fittings are available, too, capable of securing a wide variety of cargo.

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Ingress and egress are made easy with an extra-wide habitation door on the side of the camper. It measures approximately 45.28 inches (115 centimeters) wide, so people wearing bulky gear will have little trouble getting in and out of the camper. At the back, the car-like rear liftgate and low floor make accessing the interior a breeze, especially when retrieving large equipment like a bike.

The camper features a compact kitchen corner. It has 2.64-gallon (10-liter) waste water and fresh water tanks. It has a small, round sink and an induction plate for cooking. Customers can opt to fit the kitchenโ€™s slide-out drawer with a 9.25-gallon (35-liter) optional fridge, a $1,211 (1,299-euro) option at todayโ€™s exchange rate.

At the back of the van is the seating area, which consists of two benches on the outer edges of the layout that contain additional storage space. A free-standing, variable table functions as the vanโ€™s work and eating surface, but move the table, and the benches can fold into a bed for two. It measures 53.15 inches by 78.74 inches (135 cm by 200 cm).

One of the main features of the van is its large, customizable wardrobe. It has movable shelves designed to hold a bunch of adventure gear like wetsuits, but these spacious perks come at a cost. While the closet is big and has ample storage space, the van lacks a proper bathroom โ€“ no shower or toilet. It also only sleeps two, which might turn off some buyers.

Dethleffs bases the Yoka Go on the Ford Transit with the Ford EcoBlue diesel engine. It measures 19.65 feet (5.99 m) long and costs $50,423 (46,999 euros). Options include a rearview camera, a cassette awning, an exterior design package, and blackout blinds.

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