Watch This Abandoned Porsche 944 Get Its First Wash In 15 Years

This Porsche 944 was abandoned in a field for 15 years and lined up for the scrapyard, but the folks at WD Detailing decided to exhume the car from its outdoor resting place and give it a second chance at life, documenting the entire process for us to see.

Things didn’t start easy for the WD team. It took no fewer than three hours to dig the car out from the field it was sitting in, as all the wheels were locked in place. Once the car was back in the workshop, work began to clear the years-long buildup of grime caked to the exterior, including the paint, glass, and wheels. Seeing the power washer slice away the dirt to reveal the 944’s bright champagne color is immensely satisfying. 

The WD Detailing guys go as far as to clay bar and polish the paint after it’s washed. Unfortunately, much of the clear coat on the hood is gone from sitting in the sun for so long, but the finish on places like the sides and roof really pops after a bit of elbow grease.

The 944 was equally gross inside, with plenty of mold and debris on the seats and carpet. The WD team made quick work of all the junk, using compressed air to release the dirt before using a vacuum to clean it all away. The team went as far as to remove the carpeting and give it a thorough wash.

WD Detailing plans to remove the engine from this Porsche for another 944 project they have that’s in need of a motor. It’s unclear what the team plans to do with this freshly detailed shell, however. It’d be a shame to toss it aside after making it look so spiffy. We hope it ends up in a good home. 

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