VW Bus With Audi S3 Engine And Matching Camper Has Us Seeing Double

We’ve seen all kinds of custom builds in the camper world, but we haven’t seen anything quite like this. Folks, that’s a 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 pulling another 1963 Volkswagen Type 2, fifth-wheel style. And to make sure the tow rig has enough power to handle the load, there’s a freaking turbocharged four-cylinder Audi S3 engine stuffed into the back. The matching combo looks fantastic, and if you have some spare cash, it’s currently for sale.

You’ll find this clever VW camper at Car & Classic, where it’s being auctioned in the UK. As we post this on September 22, the bidding is at ยฃ18,000 (approximately $22,000 at current conversion rates) with six days still to go. This is obviously a wholly custom creation, with the auction description stating it’s in “impeccable condition.” The engine and automatic transmission are said to work well, and the truck maintains a classic Type 2 interior with a few upgrades to accommodate the modern powertrain.

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As for the trailer, it features a double bed mounted in the back. A large refrigerator is mounted midship at the foot of the bed. Cabinets and a countertop run alongside the bed behind the side doors, while the space formerly occupied by seats and a dash is now a large countertop with more storage. The small pop-top roof is retained for extra headroom, and the now-empty engine compartment is relegated for even more storage. The auction description doesn’t mention on-board power or water capacity, and for that matter, we see no provisions for seats or a standard table. There is an awning on the roof that extends for outdoor comfort.

Per the auction listing, the VeeDub is registered as a 1963 vehicle and is road-legal for the UK. 38,343 kilometers (23,825 miles) show on the digital odometer โ€“ one of the aforementioned interior upgrades installed with the Audi running gear. There’s also a Hurst shifter on the floor, but the cab looks remarkably original. And yes, the front windows pop out as they should.

Considering how classic VW Type 2 buses have skyrocketed in value in recent years, it’s surprising to see one cut up into a camper trailer. The auction doesn’t state how old this conversion is, but we suspect it garners all kinds of attention wherever it goes. Any guesses as to how much the final bid price will be? Jump into the comments and let us know.

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