This $580,000 Luxury Motorhome Has A Miata-Sized Garage In The Back

Luxury motorhomes do their best to have very few compromises. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars should include some niceties, as Concorde does with its Liner 1090 GIO. The motorhome does its best to bring the entire homeownership experience along for the ride by having a garage. 

The space is on the smaller side, but it’s still large enough to fit a proper car. The vehicle can’t measure more than 14.1 feet (4.3 meters) long or 4.4 feet (1.36 m) tall, nor can it weigh more than 3,086 pounds (1,400 kilograms). The size and weight requirements disqualify many modern machines, but the current Mazda Miata would fit. 

Gallery: Concorde Liner 1090 GIO Motorhome

The garage is located at the back of the motorhome, which cuts into the bedroom space and lowers the ceiling height. The motorhome’s “relaxation center,” as Concorde calls it, can fit a queen-size bed. The bathroom features stainless steel fittings, a cast stone washbasin, and ample storage. 

The Liner 1090 GIO has a U-shaped kitchen between the forward living space and the bedroom. It has the refrigerator and pantry on one side and the sink, counter space, and cooktop on the other. There’s also ample storage above and below the kitchen area. 

The living area and cabin are available in various colors, finishes, and materials, with two bench seats facing each other and a dinette table in the middle. The two front captain’s chairs also swivel around for more seating space. Up front, the motorhome has a leather dashboard and an elevated seating position.

The Concorde builds the Liner 1090 GIO on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. It has a 7.7-liter straight-six engine making 299 horsepower and 885 pound-feet 1,200 Newton-meters) of torque that powers the rig. It can measure up to 37.7 feet (11.5 meters) long and 8.2 feet (2.5 m) wide while weighing more than 12 tons. The motorhome starts at 542,000 euros ($581,000 at today’s exchange rate). 

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