2024 Toyota Tacoma Gets Cool Camper Top Before It Even Reaches Dealers

Toyota introduced the all-new 2024 Tacoma in May. The pickup received a thorough redesign, a fresh set of powertrains, and an infusion of the latest technology. When it does go on sale later this year, GoFastCampers (GFC) will be ready for those wanting to take the truck on an outdoor adventure. The company introduced its new Platform Camper and tent earlier this week for the pickup. You can pre-order it now.

The camper top can weigh as little as 266 pounds or as much as 275, depending on the bed’s dimensions. GFC custom-builds its campers so that they exactly match the bed’s size, and this one adds just 6.5 inches to the Tacoma’s total height.

Gallery: GoFastCampers Platform Camper For 2024 Toyota Tacoma

GFC’s camper features a half-inch thick white honeycomb composite roof that reflects solar radiation. It also has air gap insulation and side panels to improve the tent’s interior air flow and comfort. Optional roof bars increase the truck’s carrying capability, which is capable of hauling up to 500 pounds and are designed to accommodate solar panels underneath.

It comes with a three-inch-thick mattress that measures 90 inches by 40 inches. That’s a smidge wider than your standard bedroom twin and several inches longer.

GFC builds the camper with a T-track load halo around the entire roof’s perimeter. This system allows owners to mount various accessories, such as lights and awnings.

Customers can select between Tangerine Dream and Stone Gray for the color of the tent fabric, which is made from water-resistant 300D honeycomb rip-stop polyester with a black interior mesh. The camper is available with an optional bed topper window. The panel is available in nine colors: Metallic Grey, Bronze, Silver, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, White, and Dare Ya Red.

The camper costs $7,700 and includes the configured options and shipping. GFC also has a new Bed Topper for $3,995 and a new Chase Fame for $2,100 for the new Tacoma. That is on top of the Tacoma’s price tag, which Toyota hasn’t released yet. We expect that information closer to its on-sale date.

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