Volvo Sold 29 Percent More EVs In October

Swedish-based, Chinese-owned Volvo sold more cars last month than it did during October 2022 and reported its 14th consecutive month of growth in terms of sales.

The maker of the EX90 and EX30 saw its global sales reach 59,861 units in the previous month, which is an increase of 10 percent compared to the same period last year. This includes gasoline-, diesel-, and battery-powered models (both plug-in hybrid and full-electric).

However, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) saw the biggest increase in October โ€“ 29 percent โ€“ with 10,489 cars sold around the globe, while plug-in hybrids saw a decrease of 8 percent, with 10,864 units sold last month.

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In the United States, 1,240 fully electric Volvos were sold in October, an increase of 6 percent compared with the same month last year, but plug-ins topped that number with 1,801 sales.

The biggest market for Volvo, whatever the power source, was Europe. Here, the Swedish company sold 7,009 EVs and 6,654 plug-in hybrids last month, while total sales amounted to 24,892 units.

China is in second place, with a total of 15,041 cars sold last month, but has the smallest number of electrified units, with 237 EVs and 929 plug-in hybrids, while the United States is the third-largest market for the Scandinavian automaker, with a total of 11,296 sales.

Volvoโ€™s best-seller was the XC60 crossover, which was sold in 20,212 units worldwide, followed by the XC40 with 17,022 cars. Year-to-date, the carmaker sold 569,019 cars, an increase of 18 percent compared to the same period last year, when sales reached 483,304 units on a global basis.

These numbers are expected to rise even further as the entry-level EX30 small crossover entered production in China earlier this fall, considering its relatively affordable starting price of $34,950 (excluding the $1,195 destination fee). For this amount of money, the EV comes with a 268 horsepower rear-mounted electric motor and a 69-kilowatt-hour battery pack that enables an EPA-estimated driving range of 275 miles.

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