Volkswagen ID.5 updated as mid-size electric SUV wars intensify

The updated VW ID.5 coupe-SUV gets a bigger touchscreen, a range boost and more power

The Volkswagen ID.5 has received several significant upgrades in the hope of making the electric coupe-SUV more competitive against similarly sleek family EVs like the Nissan Ariya, Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

The ID.5 line-up is also being slimmed down for 2024, including the removal of the somewhat sluggish 172bhp base model, among others. When order books for the updated ID.5 open in the next few weeks, buyers will be offered a choice of only two models: the rear-drive ID.5 Pro in Style trim, and the all-wheel drive ID.5 GTX.

The new ID.5 Pro features one electric motor that produces 282bhp and 535Nm of torque – 110bhp more than the out-going ID.5 Pro, and 82bhp up on the now-discontinued ID.5 Pro Performance, plus 75 per cent more torque than both. No official 0-62mph time has been revealed for the new ID.5 Pro, but we expect it’ll be a good deal quicker than its predecessor which could do the same sprint in 8.4 seconds.

The all-wheel drive ID.5 GTX is sticking around and gets an extra 40bhp, increasing the combined power output of its dual-motor setup from 295bhp to 334bhp. Thanks to the extra oomph, VW has managed to cut the 0-62mph time for the ID.5 GTX down to 5.4 seconds. The 112mph top speed remains the same, though the ID.5 Pro’s has been increased to match it.

VW says its also reduced power consumption, and fitted with the ID.5 with a new battery that has allowed for an increase in range from 327 to 339 miles for the single-motor version. In addition, rear-drive ID.5 models now have a maximum charging speed of 135kW, and the updated ID.5 GTX maxes out at 175kW. Owners will also be able to pre-condition the battery on the way to a charging point, so it’ll be ready for a rapid top-up on arrival.

Volkswagen hasn’t focused all of its attention on the running gear. Inside, the ID.5 now features a larger 12.9-inch touchscreen that runs the latest version of the brand’s infotainment software that’s meant to be easier to use and less buggy. The touch-sensitive controls for the temperature and volume below the central display are now illuminated too, and the digital driver’s display and optional augmented reality head-up display have been enhanced.

UK pricing for the updated ID.5 range has yet to be announced, but we expect it'll be very similar to the out-going models. Therefore the new ID.5 Pro Style should start at around £52,000, while the updated ID.5 GTX will be priced at closer to £57,000.

The ID.5 isn’t the only member of Volkswagen electric car line-up to be updated; the ID.4 family SUV has received the same upgrades as its rakish sister car, and the facelifted ID.3 hatchback landed earlier this year, though is set to receive the same 12.9-inch display as the ID.5 sometime in 2024.

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