Volkswagen ID.4 gets a little bit better for 2024

Volkswagen has upgraded its ID.4 SUV with big upgrades to the powertrain and interior tech

Volkswagen has introduced a series of technical upgrades to its ID.4 SUV, with key changes to powertrains fitted in models with the larger 77kWh battery pack. There are also tweaks to the digital interfaces and chassis tune across the whole range. Specific UK prices and specifications are still to be confirmed. 

VW ID.4s with the single rear-mounted motor and a 77kWh battery pack feature an 82bhp increase in power and 253Nm increase in torque. This now gives it a peak power figure of 282bhp and 535Nm of torque, a 75 per cent increase. Single motor cars now also have faster 135kW DC fast charging, and come with new thermal management features to improve charging consistency. 

VW’s top-spec dual motor variants have also been tweaked, with the base all-wheel drive model producing the same 282bhp (up 21bhp from before), and the GTX raising this to 334bhp (that’s an extra 40bhp). VW hasn’t confirmed the full range of performance figures, but does quote a 0-62mph time of 5.4 seconds for the GTX, 0.6 faster than before. These also have an improved 175kW DC peak charging speed, and top speed for the GTX is now 112mph, up from 100mph. Alongside this extra performance is also an increase in range, which is up around 20 miles to 341 combined for the single-motor ID.4 fitted with the 77kWh battery.  

Models fitted with the smaller 58kWh battery pack retain the same figures as they do now, with the sole upgrade being a marginally faster 115kW DC fast charging rate. 

On top of the powertrain improvements, VW has also recalibrated the suspension tune and rejigged the optional DCC adaptive dampers. These now feature an even wider spread of variability between soft and firm, making the ID.4 feel more comfortable and more agile depending on the selected driver mode. 

VW’s also applied the same user interface updates as found in the new ID.3, including a larger 12.9-inch touchscreen display and illuminated controls for the temperature and volume. As well as more screen, the interface inside it has also been updated to a new operating system aiming to be easier to use and less bug-prone. We don’t yet know if right-hand drive market cars will have to wait for the larger screen, as they do for the ID.3.

Volkswagen hasn’t gone so far as to redesign the dashboard or change up the exterior styling as it has with the ID.3, but has applied these same technical upgrades to the ID.5. Specific prices and availability for the UK are still to be nailed down.

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