Viral TikTok method saves thousands on fuel – but it comes with a warning

A motoring expert has warned drivers against making their own diesel, after a tutorial video went viral on TikTok.

In the short video, which has accumulated over 500,000 views, drivers are told how to make a diesel alternative out of vegetable oil.

However, Graham Conway, Managing Director at Select Car Leasing, has stated that the trick could lead to a variety of issues.

He explained: โ€œWhile making your own diesel fuel may seem like an appealing idea, especially when prices are soaring, it carries a multitude of risks and dangers for both you and your car.

โ€œThe first and foremost concern is whether your diesel vehicle can run on homemade diesel made from vegetable oil. Diesel engines are engineered to run on a specific type of fuel, so attempting to use homemade diesel can lead to unpredictable engine behaviour, loss of power, excessive smoke emission and even catastrophic engine breakdowns.โ€

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Whilst many drivers have experimented with running a diesel-powered car with vegetable or cooking oil, the alternative fuel could cause significant problems with modern engines.

Motoring experts have stated that the high viscosity of the oil can clog the fuel injectors, leading to the engine running poorly.

However, even in older engines, running a car on vegetable oil can clog up filters and damage lines, which could result in more money being spent on repair bills.

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Graham also highlighted the danger of handling or storing inflammable liquids such as petrol and diesel, which could lead to expensive damage and endanger lives.

He added: โ€œHandling petrol as it is recommended in the video can also be extremely dangerous as gasoline is highly flammable and poses serious risk of fire or explosion, especially when handled improperly.

โ€œStoring large quantities of gasoline in your garage, close to other combustible materials, is a recipe for disaster.โ€

Instead, diesel car owners looking to save money on their fuel are advised to never wait until their fuel tank is empty before refilling.

Keeping the tank topped up reduces the amount of oxygen from the tank, which can lead to fuel being evaporated, and reduce the risk of oil deposits from harming components.

Additionally, motorists should check the fuel station they are filling up at, with different areas often featuring drastically different prices.

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