Used car buyers warned of traps that could see them pay up to £25,000 more

The used vehicle retailer Motors has found that buyers could lose up to £25,000 by falling into common traps when buying a used car.

It comes after a mechanic detailed a trick to check if a previous owner has caused damage to your new used car.

As the cost-of-living crisis drives up the price of motoring, an increasing number of buyers are turning to the used market for their next car.

However, a spokesperson for Motors warned that buyers could have their new car confiscated with no compensation if it turns out to be stolen.

They explained: “If the price looks too good to be true – it could be a scam. Consider the age, mileage, and condition of the car and from your previous research you should be able to get a sense whether the price seems considerably under market value.

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“Of course, there are good deals to be had, but if you do see a car that is suspiciously cheap, make sure to ask the necessary questions to get an understanding as to the reason why.”

Motors recommended that they are less likely to find a stolen car for sale at a reputable dealer, however, buyers should always look up the number plate of the vehicle on a car check website, which will reveal if the DVLA has listed it as stolen, alongside MOT history and it’s recorded mileage.

Similarly, the company also noted that it is crucial that drivers look at the service history and data from prior MOTs to avoid issues.

Looking at the results of previous MOT tests can easily reveal any issues that exist on the car, which could be a sign that the vehicle has not been looked after and may cost hundreds to repair.

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The spokesperson for Motors also noted that drivers should always inspect a car thoroughly before they buy it to avoid spending money on rectifying faults.

They added: “Some signs of wear and tear are expected, but checking the tyres, gearbox and engine is advised to ensure they are in decent condition, so they don’t turn into an issue that a buyer may end up wanting to repair down the line.

“Check the mileage matches the age and condition of the car and take it out for a test drive and really get a feel for it. When behind the wheel give it a rigorous test – drive up a steep hill and test the biting point, check there are no issues under acceleration and try an emergency stop to ensure everything is working as it should be.”

Finally, Motors also noted that drivers should always make sure that they can afford to run the car they are thinking of buying.

As the price of car insurance continues to affect motorists, it is strongly advisable that buyers check that they can afford the price of a premium by getting a quote before they buy the car.

Additionally, if they live in or travel to the London area, they should also check that it complies with the Ultra-Low Emission Zone standards, else they will have to pay £12.50 every day it enters the capital.

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