Urgent cold weather car battery issue to check now or risk breakdown

The vehicle service and repair company Collect Service Go has warned that vehicle batteries can die far more quickly in cold weather.

With replacement car batteries costing up to £400, the company shared some easy tips which drivers can do to make sure their vehicle starts on cold mornings.

Ollie Green, from Collect Service Go, explained that drivers should always get their battery checked by a professional before the winter to make sure it is unlikely to give them any issues.

He explained: “During the winter months we generally use more electric power, the heaters, headlights, water and windscreen wiper, which all add more strain on the battery.

“Before winter sets in, it is always a good idea to get your battery checked. If there are signs of a failing battery, replace it immediately to help prevent failing your MOT or breakdowns.”

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Collect Service Go also noted that driving in certain ways can cause the battery to wear down at a faster rate, which can eventually lead to trouble starting.

The company advised motorists that they should try to avoid making very short journeys, in which the vehicle’s alternator does not have enough time to recharge the battery and avoid using stop/start constantly.

If short journeys are unavoidable, it is recommended that drivers try to take an extra journey of at least half an hour on a motorway or fast-moving A-roads to make sure that the battery is topped up.

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Ollie added that drivers should also try to keep their vehicle’s battery warm during the winter, by using a cover or heater.

He advised; “Invest in a battery blanket or heater designed specifically for car batteries. These provide a gentle, consistent source of heat to keep the battery warm.

“Be sure to place the blanket on the battery as soon as you turn off your engine as this will help retain the heat given off by your engine. Another important thing to remember is to be sure to remove the blanket before the next time you start your engine.”

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Whilst drivers may want to take advantage of some parts of their car more during the winter, such as the heater and heated seats, Collect Service Go said that using these too much can also harm the battery.

Running the fans to distribute warm air throughout the car can help to drain the battery, meaning drivers should try to quickly warm up the car at the start of the journey and switch it off.

Finally, the company noted that motorists who do not use their car for long periods of time should consider buying a charger, with many featuring a maintenance mode that keeps the battery at the optimal level.

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