UK areas with most expensive parking permits – check your city

Drivers given 8.6 million parking tickets by private firms in a year

Drivers in one UK city are forced to splash out more than £500 to stop their vehicles as the nation’s most expensive parking permits are unveiled.

Manchester City Centre charges a whopping £538 for a residential permit, making it the most expensive area in the country.

Charges are almost £200 higher than the next priciest region in a blow to locals wanting to keep their cars.

Experts at Moneybarn claim the prices are likely to be high to push people towards public transport.

They said: “The reason for the city’s pricey premium could be to discourage residents from driving, thereby reducing traffic in the city.

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“Permit prices outside of the city centre are likely to be less expensive. The more costly it is to park, the more likely people will choose a suitable public transport alternative.”

Edinburgh has the second highest permit charges with the average fees standing at £365.

Moneybarn added: “Although the average cost for a residential parking permit in Edinburgh is high, this council has variable prices based on the car’s CO2 emissions.

“Furthermore, the central zones of the city will have a higher premium than the outer city zones.”

Existing residents with diesel vehicles will be exempt from paying the surcharge for three years as long as they retain their current vehicle.

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Birmingham is the third highest region outside of London with an average annual cost of £209.

In another concern for residents, the council has recently increased city centre parking fees by up to 10 percent following a yearly review.

Aberdeen was next with drivers set to splash out on fees of around £160 per year to park their vehicles.

Sheffield was next with average rates at £146 per annum followed by Glasgow (£113) and Norwich (£77).

Inside the capital, rates are highest in Islington with average costs standing at £288.

Lambeth was the next highest area with motorists splashing out a whopping £270 every 12 months.

However, experts warn permits can be more valuable in busy cities such as London where finding a space can be difficult.

Moneybarn said: “Resident parking schemes offer motorists who don’t have access to off-street parking the opportunity to park closer to their homes, making parking more accessible and more convenient for drivers.

“This is especially useful in heavily urbanised areas such as Lambeth.”

Southwark residents pay £263 per year while Hackney and Wandsworth charge £232 and £227.

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