The Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Is Sketchy But Fun On A Snowy Rally Course

The Toyota 4Runner has proven its worth. In the 14 years since the current generation was revealed, the body-on-frame off-roader has become a favorite among the overland-obsessed thanks to its impeccable off-road capabilities and peerless reliability. But even all these years later, one question remains: Will it rally?

The Team O’Neil Rally School finds out whether Toyota’s aging SUV has what it takes to lap its New Hampshire facility in winter time, when grip is at a premium, in its latest video published to YouTube. The TRD Pro model might be the cream of the crop in the 4Runner lineup, but here it’s hindered by the factory Nitto Terra Grapple all-terrain tires. 

That rubber is perfect for rock-crawling and clawing through mud, but lacks the grip needed for on-limit snow and ice driving. Host Wyatt Knox is constantly fighting for grip in turns and braking zones during his test. 

Despite the lack of grip, Knox highlights the 4Runner’s inherent balance, stiffness, and ease of use while flinging it around Team O’Neil’s handling track. The SUV will rotate, drift, and do pretty much whatever you want it to do, so long as you’re patient enough for the tires to find traction. 

With a set of proper studded snow tires, Knox says the 4Runner would be a serious contender on the firm’s rally course. For now though, it lands in the middle of the pack on its lap time chart, ahead of the GR Corolla but behind cars like the Bronco and the Subaru WRX.

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