The Subaru Forester Hybrid Will Get Its Electric Bits From Toyota

When Subaru unveiled the 2025 Forester last week at the LA Auto Show, there was a glaring omission in the SUV’s specs sheet. There was no hybrid powertrain as all trim levels were listed as having the tried-and-tested boxer 2.5-liter engine with a CVT and all-wheel drive. Should you want better efficiency, you’ll have to wait “about a year” after the conventionally powered version goes on sale, according to Subaru of America COO Jeff Walters.

This is where the story really gets interesting because the hybrid-powered Forester won’t be an all-Subaru effort. Walters told Automotive News the electrified version will pair a boxer engine with an electric motor and a battery pack sourced from Toyota. It’s worth noting that this won’t be the first Forester with an electrified powertrain since the previous-generation model was electrified in Europe back in March 2019.

2025 Subaru Forester

Technical specifications will be revealed in due course, ahead of a market launch likely slated for spring 2025 considering the gasoline-fueled Subaru will reach dealers next spring. Using Toyota know-how doesn’t come as a total surprise since the Crosstrek got a plug-in hybrid powertrain in 2019 with the Prius Primeโ€™s hybrid setup. The third-gen Crosstrek introduced a little over two years ago does offer a hybrid setup but not in the United States.

Since the hybrid Forester is still more than a year away, Walters didn’t go into details about what will power the electrified variant. Fuel economy numbers should shoot up compared to the outgoing 2024 model with its gas-only powertrain offering up to 29 miles per gallon in the combined cycle, per EPA.

Regarding efficiency, Subaru says the new crossover has a revamped dual-zone standard climate control system that improves fuel economy. We are not expecting any major changes to the mpg numbers since the 2025 Forester sticks to the Subaru Global Platform as its predecessor. You’ll want to wait for the hybrid coming in 2026 for significant gains.

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