The best cars for boot space named from Skodas to Mercedes

When buying a car there are many factors people take into consideration such as fuel economy, performance, and safety.

Another factor thousands of people must look out for is how spacious the vehicle is and sometimes this can make all the difference, particularly for a family.

A large car might have a great engine and a five-star safety rating, but if the boot can’t fit all the luggage and paraphernalia then it could be ruled out altogether.

Fortunately, there are some cars which pull together the best of both worlds with boots that can fit everything you need for a week away and more.

And they’re not just SUVs either. Surprisingly, there are still some cars which aren’t high off the ground that still have large boots and lots of character perfect for a family.

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Land Rover Discovery

Despite this, according to Car Gurus, one of the cars with the largest boots on sale is an SUV. However, rather than coming from the likes of Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, or Ferrari, it comes from Land Rover.

According to their automotive experts, the Land Rover Discovery has an astonishing 922 litres of boot space. What’s more, with the rear seats folded down this skyrockets to an astonishing 1,997 litres.

They said: “It’s still a van-like cargo area, aided by flat load bay sides. With the middle row of seats in use, the Discovery offers up 922 litres, which should be more than enough for a large family and all their kit.”

Skoda Kodiaq

However, the Land Rover isn’t alone in having a massive boot, Skoda’s Kodiaq has a competitive 835 litres with the seats up but beats the much more expensive Discovery when the seats are down.

The Czech marvel has a cavernous 2,035 litres when the seats are folded flat. While the Skoda is an SUV, it isn’t the only brand which combines affordability and a larger interior.

Ford Mondeo Estate

The Ford Mondeo Estate, built between 2016 and 2022, has 755 litres with the seats up, but 1,630 when them folded down.

Car Gurus said: “As a used car, the Mondeo represents a lot of space – and value – for the money because well-specced examples can usually be picked up for relatively little.”

Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate

If the Ford doesn’t take your fancy, but an estate still does then maybe the Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate will. While it has 640 litres with the seats up, with them down it has 1,820 litres, nearly 200 more than Ford.

However, estate cars aren’t the only non-SUV models packing a punch, MPVs and Hot Hatchbacks are two other car types which can accommodate large loads. For example, the Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer.

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Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer

This French wonder has 632 litres with the seats up, but with the folded down this shoots up to 2,181 litres. Nearly as much as the Skoda Kodiaq, it rivals old MPVs of the 1990s which were famed for their boot space.

Hot hatchbacks may be by their very nature performance orientated, but they can still be useful on holiday or carrying a large weight somewhere. recently tested a Honda Civic Type R which had 400 litres with the seats up, but a massive 1,200 litres with the seats down.

What makes this figure so special is the previous generation Honda Civic had a 478-litre boot with the seats up by when the seats were down around 828 litres, nearly 400 less than its sportier and younger successor.

Although SUVs are dominating the market and continue to be one of the most popular shapes, the Ford, Mercedes, and Hondas show a car doesn’t have to be big to get stuff home.

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