Tesla Cybertruck With Tundra Wrap Spotted In The Wild Trolling Toyota

Tesla is at it again, trolling some of the best-selling pickup trucks in America. After putting a Cybertruck prototype on the road with a Ford F-150-style wrap, the Austin-based EV maker has now switched things up and replaced the gray stickers with a new set that sort of makes the upcoming angular zero-emissions truck look like a Toyota Tundra.

The green machine was spotted by the Cybertruck Owners Club forum user ModelAZ, who shared two short videos of the encounter, and by the looks of it, the rolling trolling pickup seems to be the same unit that was previously spotted with an F-150 wrap, seeing how the license plate is the same.

Obviously, Tesla isnโ€™t fooling anyone because thereโ€™s no other vehicle out there that looks like the Cybertruck, so maybe itโ€™s just a fun jab at the Japanese automaker which has been reluctant over the years to accelerate the production of EVs, but which has recently announced plans to turn things around and launch more battery-powered vehicles than ever.

It may also be a sort of weird, Elon Musk way of saying thank you, considering Toyota bought a 3 percent stake in Tesla back in 2010, giving the then-up-and-coming EV maker a healthy influx of $50 million, allowing it to buy a part of the old NUMMI factory which later became the Fremont Gigafactory.

Toyota sold off its entire stake in Tesla by the end of 2016, but by then production of both the Model S and Model X was already in full swing, and the cheaper Model 3 was in development.

Now, the tides have turned and Toyota is looking at Tesla for engineering and production prowess, saying it will adopt giga casting techniques for its next-generation EVs, similar to those used by the Austin-based manufacturer.

Tesla Cybertruck with Toyota Tundra-style wrap (Source: Cybertruck Owners Club forum)

Last year, Ford delivered over 650,000 units of its F-Series, securing the first spot on the best-selling trucks list for the 46th consecutive year, while the Toyota Tundra came in sixth place, with over 100,000 units delivered.

But with a reported 1.9 million pre-orders, the soon-to-be-delivered Tesla Cybertruck might dethrone Fordโ€™s pickup line after almost half a century, but only time will tell.

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Source: ModelAZ (Cybertruck Owners Club)

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