Super73's K1D Is An Electric Balance Bike Designed For Young Riders

I’m sure we all remember our first bike. I remember mine very vividly, it was a too-big-for-me Mongoose mountain bike that had been passed down to me by my uncle. Back then, a lot of us just made do with the bikes we had, and needless to say, we had a blast. These days, however, kids have it much easier, as manufacturers now develop specialized bikes catering specifically to the development of young riders.

This is especially true now given the growing popularity of electric bicycles. Super73, for instance, has just released its newest offering designed specifically for youngsters. It’s called the K1D, and it was designed to be the perfect combination of fun, excitement, and adventure. While that’s cool and all, Super73 has made sure to put safety at the very center of the K1D’s design.

At its very core, the Super73 K1D is a balance bike โ€“ but not just any balance bike. It’s supercharged by an electric motor, which means that once your kids get the hang of balancing, they can go straight to a simulated motorcycle riding experience on a platform they’re already familiar with. This ensures they dial in the proper technique, so when the time comes to upgrade to a bigger bike โ€“ be it a bicycle or kid-focused motorbike โ€“ the transition will be smooth and seamless.ย 

In terms of technology, the Super73 K1D has an electric motor integrated into its rear wheel. A controller puts forth three different class modes allowing parents or guardians to set a specific mode according to their youngster’s skill level. As their talent progresses, they can steadily increase power and performance. While on board, kids can toggle between two modes, while the third “Track Mode” is locked and reserved for more advanced riding on closed courses.ย 

In terms of styling, the Super73 K1D incorporates aesthetic elements borrowed from the world of motocross, such as a bench-style saddle, racing number, and handlebar pad. It’s also offered in an array of vibrant, eye-catching colors such as Blu-Tang, Sriracha Red, Obsidian, and Prickly Pink, ensuring there’s a color your kid will surely love. Last but not least, Super73 ensures that the K1D can be configured accordingly as your kid grows up. It gets adjustable pegs, multiple handlebar options, as well as removable foot platforms.ย 

Availability and price-wise, the Super73 K1D is available from the brand’s official website, and carries a retail price of $1,295 USD. According to the manufacturer, it ships anywhere in the US in two to three business days. For more information on the Super73 K1D, as well as the brand’s other products, feel free to visit its official website in the source links below.ย 

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