Stop your Land Rover from being stolen with 7 clever security tips

Land Rover advert for their new Defender

Range Rover owners have come under threat as police struggle to get a grip on tackling car crime rates for Britain’s most stolen vehicle.

The popular SUVs have become virtually “impossible to insure” in Central London with only two insurers providing cover as thefts are so common.

According to the Telegraph, the cheapest policy for a Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic costs a whopping £22,515 on average through insurance firm Quotegoat.

This is a stark contrast to Sussex where 20 providers offer cover for the model at an average cost of just £1,978 per annum. According to the DVLA, one in every 100 Land Rover models are stolen with Range Rovers now accounting for six of the top 10 most targeted models. 

But, the Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic is the most wanted model on the streets with two in every 100 taken by criminals. As the numbers rise, experts at Green Car Guide have warned seven simple solutions could be enough to stop thieves in their tracks. 

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1. Tracking device 

Installing a tracking device could provide owners with vital information which may help them get their car back in one piece. 

A high-quality Range Rover GPS tracker provides S7 tracking systems and 24/7 monitoring. The tools even send a distress signal to the police if a crime is detected leaving you one step ahead of the criminals. 

2. Keep vehicle locked at all times

One common mistake owners make is they fail to double-check a vehicle is locked. 

On occasions, pressing the key fob may fail which puts vehicles at severe risk. Car alarms will not even be activated if someone opens the door while it is unlocked. 

Motorists can prevent issues by simply trying out the handle and checking windows every time they walk away from their car.

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3. Parking in certain areas

According to experts, owners should always park in well-lit spots and check for nearby security cameras. 

Dark or shady areas are likely to attract more thieves as they can get away with gaining access. 

4. Keep belongings hidden 

Specialists warn owners should never leave anything on display as this can grab more attention. 

Flashy sat nav devices can catch the eye of criminals and make your vehicle look like a more worthwhile risk than other vehicles with no extra prizes. 

5. Steering wheel lock

These devices can be purchased online for as little as £30 and offer an extra layer of protection for concerned owners. Any tech-savvy thief will have difficulty getting through a steering lock which will make a noise when tampered with. 

These locks cannot be hacked by computers meaning brute force is the only way to get through. 

6. Immobiliser 

This is an electronic device that prevents a vehicle from starting unless the correct key or key fob is used. 

Some newer models such as the Land Rover Defender Hybrid already come fitted with advanced immobilisers that work wirelessly. 

7. Hide the key fob 

High-tech criminals are now using relay attacks, where they receive a signal from your car key fob to gain access to vehicles. 

New tools can catch signals up to 100 feet away meaning owners need to have their wits about them at all times. To avoid being caught out, road users should keep their fob at a safe distance and never on full show. 

At home, keys should be moved away from the window while signals can be blocked completely by investing in a Faraday pouch. have contacted Land Rover for comment.

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