Sram Enters E-Bike Market With Tech-Loaded Eagle Powertrain

When it comes to bicycle technology, Sram is a brand that has gained the trust of a wide range of cyclists all over the world. Its products have always been about performance, and its top-range drivetrains sit on the bleeding edge of technology. However, in the e-bike space, Sram has been outdone by other prominent names, namely Shimano and Bosch. That is, until now.

Sram has just made its entry into the e-bike powertrain game, and has dropped a bombshell that’s sure to leave tech-obsessed e-bikers drooling. Now, Sram aficionados can equip their bikes with all-Sram equipment—from the motor, to the drivetrain, as well as the suspension (by RockShox, a subsidiary of Sram). The company’s new e-bike system is called the Sram Eagle Powertrain, and it’s touted as one of the smartest e-bike systems out there.

The brand’s unique software doesn’t just control the motor, but also the drivetrain, giving the controller the ability to shift gears for the rider. It does this by using sensors to adjust gearing, ensuring you’re pedaling at the optimal cadence all the time. Sram is calling this smart feature Auto Shift — it’s pretty simple, if not lacking in creativity. Even better, Sram’s new Coast Shift feature, you guessed it, shifts gears as your coasting, allowing you to pedal seamlessly at the right cadence once you hit the cranks again on long downhill sections.

It’s indeed interesting to see such a comprehensive e-bike powertrain solution from one of the leading OEMs in the cycling component industry. However, it’s important to note that Sram didn’t achieve this alone. It teamed up with popular German e-bike system brand Brose, who’s known for its utility-focused e-bike systems found on commuters and cargo bikes. By leveraging on the company’s already impressive motors, Sram developed the intuitive software enabling all those impressive integration features between the motor and drivetrain.

In terms of outright performance, the Sram Eagle Powertrain outputs a peak torque of 90 Newton-meters and a peak power output of 680 watts (it has a nominal output of 250 watts, so it complies with European e-bike regulations). That being said, it pumps out more torque than other leading e-bike systems that are rated for 85 Newton-meters. The Sram Eagle Powertrain is compatible with Brose’s battery tech, so it works with the company’s 630 and 720 watt-hour units. It’s also compatible with the 250-watt-hour range extender for longer rides.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Eagle Powertrain is interoperable with all of Sram’s AXS components that feature wireless connectivity. As such, those looking for an ultra streamlined, fully electronic setup will surely be pleased. Sram is anticipated to launch the new Eagle Powertrain on a number of new premium e-bikes soon. Expect these to be from some of the highest-end brands, and to command quite a premium though.

Sources: Electrek, SRAM

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