Sporting Goods Retailer Intersport Refreshes Nakamura Crossover S E-Bike

Across Europe, electric bicycles are transforming the way people get around. On one end of the spectrum, you have premium utility and cargo models that have been designed to pretty much replace your car. On the other end of the spectrum, there are budget e-bikes whose sole purpose is to shuttle you from point A to B in comfort and convenience.ย 

The new Nakamura Crossover S is a perfect example of the latter. An in-house brand of European sporting goods and outdoor retailer Intersport, Nakamura has a selection of bicycles that cater to various needs. The Crossover S is touted as the brand’s entry-level model, and lowers the barriers to entry in the e-bike market. Retailing for just 1,099.99 Euros, or approximately $1,180 USD, per current exchange rates, it’s within reach of most budgets, and can easily be ridden, even by folks with limited cycling experience.ย 

The Nakamura Crossover S gets an aluminum step-through frame for easy access for riders of all heights. It’s powered by a compact rear hub motor with a 250-watt output and 31.5 pound-feet (45 Newton-meters) of torque. Its affordable price tag means that it’s missing some premium technology found on more expensive bikes. As such, riders will have to make do with a rudimentary cadence sensor, as against a torque sensor. The battery consists of a 375-watt-hour unit which offers 38 miles (60 kilometers) on a single charge.

Other components include a seven-speed derailleur drivetrain allowing riders to pedal seamlessly alongside the motor. The bike also features a handy suspension fork with 65 millimeters of travel to smooth out uneven terrain. Lastly, the bike comes to a stop with hydraulic disc brakes, emphasizing safety despite its price point. For reference, other bikes at this price usually come with mechanical brakes.ย 

Folks who commute on this bike will have to do without a standard luggage rack, but the bike does get front and rear mud guards and a kick stand. Nevertheless, there are lots of aftermarket luggage rack options available for those who need to carry more stuff.ย 

Sources: Clean Rider, Intersport

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