SEG Automotive Eyeing E-Bike Debut With New Mid-Drive Motor

In the automotive space, a lot of manufacturers rely on certain brands for certain components. For instance, Bosch supplies electronics for nearly all cars on the road. The same is true in the cycling world, particularly in the e-bike world, where motors and batteries come from key players such as Shimano, Bosch, and Yamaha. We’re also seeing more and more automotive companies venture into the e-bike space, with the latest of which being SEG Automotive.

SEG Automotive is a German company specializing in all things electronic. From starter motors to hybrid systems of power window components, the company supplies a number of automakers with its products. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 300 million vehicles are equipped with products from the company. This time around, the company shifts its focus to the e-bike space. Indeed, it seems that there’s nowhere to go but up when it comes to e-bikes, as the industry is projected to be worth more than $120 billion by the year 2030.

In Europe alone, e-bikes are reshaping the way people get around both in and out of the city, and it seems that SEG Automotive is keen on riding the e-bike wave. So, what exactly does SEG Automotive have in store for the e-bike world? Well, for starters, it’s clearly a motor with performance in mind. It reportedly tips the scales at 2.6 kilograms, making it a lightweight option in the e-bike game rivaling the likes of Shimano and Bosch mid-drive systems. Furthermore, SEG claims that its new motor provides up to 400 percent pedal support, just like the top-tier Bosch Performance CX Race motor. Maximum power output is also said to be 600 watts.

With that on the table, chances are we’ll be seeing SEG Automotive’s first e-bike motor in some high-end electric gravel and mountain bikes first, before seeing it in utility-focused commuters and cargo bikes. The company, although based in Germany, will see the development and production of its new e-bike motor in Treto, Spain. The first e-bikes sporting the new motor are expected to enter the market in 2024.

Apart, of course, from targeting the European market, SEG hopes to market its motor, and subsequently, the bikes that come standard with the motor, to markets outside of Europe. Iñaki Calvo, SEG Automotive’s factory manager in Treto, Spain, explained, “we are already working on the next evolutionary stage of our e-bike drive to make it even more compact and efficient – ​​and we will also offer this solution in other markets in and outside Europe.”

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