Rotwild’s New R.X1000 And R.C1000 E-MTBs Are Ready For Adventure

German e-bike specialist Rotwild has released not one, but two new electric bicycles for those who can’t resist the call of adventure. These two new e-MTBs are filled to the brim with impressive technology, and promise intuitive performance and all-around versatility. Showcased at Eurobike 2023, these two models command quite a premium, so let’s dive right in.

The first model is the Rotwild R.X1000, and it’s marketed as an “all-mountain powerhouse.” The bike gets a carbon-fiber frame that uses the R.X750 as a springboard. It is, however, extensively enhanced to provide improved off-road performance. Speaking of performance, the R.X1000 makes use of top-tier MTB components such as Fox 36 Float front suspension with 150 millimeters of travel. The bike also makes use of Magura MT5 disc brakes, and rolls on a mullet-wheel setup with a 29-inch front and 27.5 rear wheel. The tires are a combo of Schwalbe Magic Mary and Schwalbe Hans Dampf on the front and back, respectively.

At the heart of the Rotwild R.X1000 is the Pinion Motor-Gearbox Unit (MGU) which houses the motor and transmission in a single housing. This eliminates the need for a standard drivetrain, thereby providing potential weight savings and a more durable build. In the case of the R.X1000, it’s powered by the MGU E1.12, which offers a 12-speed electronic drivetrain, and produces 600 watts and 85 Newton-meters of torque. The motor is housed in a magnesium casing that protects its internals while keeping this lightweight. As for the battery, it’s an IPU1000 Ultracore unit with a 960 watt hours.

Up next, the R.C1000 is an all-rounder electric mountain bike with long-distance riding in mind. It shares a lot in common with the R.X1000, such as the carbon fiber frame, the Pinion MGU drive, and even the IPU1000 Ultracore battery. It does, however, ditch the mullet setup for a pair of 29er wheels for better long distance capabilities. Furthermore, Rotwild has tailored the R.C1000 for everyday use with mudguards and removable racks.

The Rotwild R.C1000 is also underpinned by different suspension hardware. Up front, it gets a DT Swiss F535 suspension fork with 140 millimeters of travel. TRP C2.3 hydraulic disc brakes ensure that the bike comes to a confident stop, regardless of how much load you’re carrying. Last but not least, the R.C1000 gets a Supernova M99 Mini Pro high beam lamp and a TL3 Pro LED tail light as standard, for optimal nighttime visibility.

When it comes to pricing and availability, Rotwild’s products were never budget-friendly options, and the same is true with the new R.X1000 and R.C1000. The R.X1000 Pro carries a price tag of 9,999 euros, or about $10,954 USD, while the top-of-the-line R.X1000 Ultra will set you back 11,999 euros, or the equivalent of $13,145 USD. Meanwhile, thetouring focused R.C1000 comes in just one Tour model, and carries a price tag of 9,999 euros, or around $10,954 USD.

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