Rivian Improves R1T, R1S Ride Comfort Through OTA Software Update

Rivian launched a new software version for its R1S and R1T all-electric adventure vehicles that adds several features and improves the handling and ride comfort of the zero-emissions SUV and pickup truck.

Carrying the version number 2023.34.0, the new software increases ride quality across all drive modes and ride heights, Rivian says in the release notes, offering an improved balance between ride and handling in Sport Mode and improved comfort in All-Purpose Soft Ride Mode.

For all driving modes, the abruptness of the suspension response was reduced when driving over sharp road impacts, while the harshness was reduced when driving over bumps and dips at parking lot speeds, the California-based EV startup said.

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This is possible because both the Rivian R1T pickup and the R1S SUV ride on air suspension, which can be tweaked to offer a firmer or plusher ride.

The new software update also adds a new option for setting the cruising speed while using Highway Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, bringing the total setting to two. Speed Limit mode sets the speed to the detected limit for the road and is the new default setting, while Current Speed sets the driving speed to the current vehicle speed.

Additionally, a new Screen Clean feature has been added, which – when activated – turns off all the displays inside the vehicle, allowing the person cleaning them to do his or her job without pressing something on the screens.

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Range loss has also been improved by more than 25 percent during sleep when the vehicle is home and Gear Guard is set to “Off at Home” or when Gear Guard is disabled. Moreover, in conjunction with the smartphone app (version 2.2.0 or later), the vehicle will send a notification when it detects an issue with the 12-volt battery.

Rivian added more interesting features to its vehicles in the past, showcasing their ability to improve over time with things like Kneel Mode, Camp Mode, and Snow Mode, among others.

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