Porsche 911 GT3 Refresh Spied Testing At The Nurburgring

The refreshed Porsche 911 GT3 hits the Nürburgring in this new spy video. It makes quite a noise and appears to stick to the track.

There are two front-end designs on display in this video. Some cars have a covered front end with a trapezoidal inlet in the center (like this one). The others have running lights visible on the nose, and the fascia has less concealment. Like the existing 911 GT3, the revised model has prominent nostrils on the hood’s tip.

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There’s no indication of changes to the GT3’s profile. Previous spy shots show the development vehicle wearing mismatched wheels during testing. The yellow brake calipers indicate there are carbon-ceramic rotors.

Porsche puts the most significant concealment on the back of these GT3s. Some cars have vertical slats in the rear corners, while others have a flat panel. The level of camouflage suggests the most significant changes from this refresh might be at the tail.

A GT3 Touring trim without the rear wing is under development, too.

The updated 911 Carrera features a cabin with a fully digital instrument panel. It would make sense for the GT3 to adopt this upgrade, too, but we have no photos of the sporty variant’s cabin yet.

We also don’t yet know any specifics about potential powertrain changes. If you use previous generations as a guide, this refresh might give some variants a bit more power.

We don’t yet know when the refreshed 911 debuts. We expect the first of these models to premiere before this year’s end. However, don’t look for Porsche to launch all of the updated cars simultaneously. Look for the Carrera variants to come first. GT3 and Turbo versions would likely come later.

The existing GT3 with a PDK dual-clutch gearbox can lap the ‘Ring in 6 minutes 59.927 seconds. Judging from previous models, the refreshed model would be at least this quick and maybe post an even lower time.

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