Petrol and diesel drivers could ‘destroy’ their cars using common product

RAC explain how to check a cars engine oil level

Petrol and diesel owners could destroy their engines by pouring in too much oil, according to leading mechanic Scotty Kilmer.

Motorists are likely to “blow the seals out of the engine” and could even “jam the pistons” by ignoring the advice.

Kilmer issued the warning after he noticed some road users were forgetting to drain their existing oil before topping up their tanks.

This often means they have double the amount inside their vehicles which can lead to serious damage to key parts.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Kilmer said: “Today I’m going to show you what happens if you put too much oil in your engine.

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“Now I’ve seen people put four quarts of oil in an engine that takes four quarts but they have forgotten to drain the other stuff out.

“So they had eight quarts and it actually destroyed their engine because if you have that much oil it can actually jam in on the pistons and it can bend the piston rods making you need a complete engine overhaul.

“But even if you’re just a quart or two over the full you can blow the seals out of the engine, the rear main seal of the engine requires pulling the engine out to replace it. It’s an expensive repair.”

According to Total Energies, pouring in too much oil can also put pressure on the crankshaft which can lead to leaks.

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Excess oil could also find itself onto the spark plugs which will then need to be replaced.

They urge drivers who think they have too much oil in their cars to drain their tanks immediately.

Total Energies claims road users who are unaware of how to fix it should consult a mechanic as soon as possible.

However, owners should get their vehicle towed to a garage as driving it is likely to do further damage to vital components.

Kilmer has urged motorists to check their oil regularly to make sure they never go above the limits.

He added: “Now that’s what dipsticks are for. They’ve got two lines. A low line and a full line, Always make sure it does not go over the full line.

“Don’t check your engine oil on a hill. Always check it on a flat surface after it’s sat at least five minutes for it to drain to the right level.”

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