Petrol and diesel drivers can increase fuel efficiency by ‘two percent’ today

Petrol and diesel drivers can boost fuel economy rates by up to “two percent” by removing excess weight from their vehicles, according to experts. 

This can be achieved by just decluttering a car and removing anything not needed on a particular road trip. 

Instead, drivers will often carry unnecessary items in their boots or glove box which could be weighing down the car and burning more fuel.

YouTube expert, the Honest Mechanic Channel, issued the vital warning in a new video. 

They said: “Drop excess weight. An extra 100 pounds reduces mpg by up to two percent. Only hail what you need to boost efficiency.”

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However, the warning has been backed by motoring specialists across the board. Sal Patel, spokesperson from Finest Car Mats suggested motorists would likely save around £24 every year by following the tip. 

He explained: “If you have run out of storage space in your home and you are using your car boot as a little bit of extra storage you are using more fuel than you should be.  

“Every extra 100 lbs of weight in your car makes it one percent less fuel efficient. Having a cluttered car could be costing you £12 to £24 in fuel each year.

“If you have sports equipment, camping supplies or anything else bulky in your boot and you don’t need it, find somewhere to store it in your home and save a few pounds.”

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Paul Maynard, Technical Training Manager at ATS Euromaster admitted heavy items would have an impact on fuel use.

He commented: “Cars use more fuel the heavier they are. Try removing things such as roof racks, footballs, camping chairs, golf clubs etc. Items on the roof cause drag, so, remove all unused items to improve fuel consumption.”

Meanwhile, Select Car Leasing suggested roof racks were likely to be one of the biggest factors in weighing down cars. 

These are a great way to transport bikes for holidays or days out but do not need to be fitted to vehicles all year round. 

They commented: “Many people use racks to transport their bikes, or roof boxes to provide extra for holidays and weekends away.

“But leaving them attached when not in use is a sure-fire way to increase your vehicle’s drag and therefore lower fuel efficiency by as much as 30 percent.

“It’s much better to save a few quid by removing them and stowing them in the garage until they are needed again.”

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