November Fleet Sales Results Mixed, Still Up YTD

Rental and government fleet sales saw slight increases while commercial fleet sales declined, November to November.

Graphic: Bobit

Sales into large commercial, rental, and government fleets among nine major vehicle manufacturers fell 8.9% in November compared to November 2022, according to Bobit/Automotive Fleet fleet sales data released Dec. 1.

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That decrease was slightly below the 10% decline in October YOY. Monthly totals for three primary fleet sectors — commercial, auto rental, and government — dipped 8.9%, from 160,989 vehicles sold in November 2022 to 146,685 in November of this year.

Broken down by sector, the numbers from the three major Detroit-based auto manufacturers andm the Asian Big 6 showed:

  • Monthly commercial fleet sales fell 21.9%, from 75,755 vehicles in November 2022 to 59,189 in November 2023.
  • Rental fleet sales rose slightly from 67,173 vehicles in November 2022 to 67,984 in November 2023, for an increase of 1.2%.
  • In the government fleet sector, sales are up 8% at 19,512 vehicles sold last month compared to 18,061 in November 2022.

Overall, calendar year-to-date sales numbers for all fleet sectors combined show an increase of 29% from January-November 2022 to 1,977,943 in the same period this year. If present trends continue, total fleet sales volume will easily pass the 2 million mark by the end of this month.

Note: Three of the Asian automakers exclude sales figures from their luxury vehicle sub-brands.

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